the Founder.
Tya has lived in three different countries since she was born, growing up for most of her life in Brisbane, Australia. Since young, she was lucky enough to be introduced to various cuisines around the world enhancing her sense of taste, allowing her to not be picky in regards to food and beverages. It has allowed her to easily enjoy and appreciate dining out whether it may be a local restaurant or trying out a new restaurant or simply just visiting her usual favourites as well as enjoying cooking at home, cooking various cuisines from entrees to mains even to desserts and baking.

the Origin.
Beginning their journey in June 2011, mynameisFood. was created as a platform to share dining experiences and documenting the love for food and writing. Since then, mynameisFood. has continuously grown and still growing with more followers and readers worldwide.

the Blog.
mynameisFood. is filled with culinary and travel adventures from one city to another, hence the fact that she loves to travel and plan to cover the rest of the world. Believing that the world is continuously changing every single day, as well as people's palates, there are and always will be new and exciting restaurants to visit and experience which allows her to be motivated further to travel and see the sights and bring the culinary experiences she will encounter to share with the public through this platform. By being able to take as many snapshots as she can of the city's hustle and bustle to the artistic plate of food she eats whether it may be street food to fine dining, from local to starred restaurants no matter where in the world it may be, having all those glorious photos kept in a hard drive doesn't seem quite right, that is why, this platform allows her to be able to share it through writing and photography. Allowing her to share with everyone her dining experiences, she hopes to encourage others to have their own dining experiences as well. Every food we eat and drink creates our own dining experience and to be able to share that with everyone is somewhat a personal satisfaction.

mynameisFood. feels that when visiting restaurants anonymously and paying for our own food, usually gives the real dining experience. If invited to events or given a sponsored meal, the specified review will be clearly disclosed and will not influence our opinions greater, hence the reviews will still continue to keep its degree of quality and standard truthfully.

the Questions.
For any enquiries, collaborations, press or advertisements, as well as any comments or questions you may have please feel free to contact Tya on, cinantya.kesuma@gmail.com

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