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Fogata Latin Fusion Bar & Restaurant - Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

June 10, 2019

Whilst venturing out the neighbourhood, we saw this restaurant and thought we'd give it a go. It was a latin fusion restaurant and the menu sounded interesting, not ones I would usually go for. A few tables were filled but since it was such a good weather, I opted an outdoor seating outlooking the passby-ers.

Their seating area was quite extensive with both indoor and outdoor seatings available. A range of lagers and ales available as well as bottled alcohol along with spirits at the bar.

Ceviche, kingfish cured in lime juice w red onion, cilantro and aji. This was a very refreshing tapas to order, a wonderful side to share to have as an entree. The lime juice was punchy throughout the whole dish and the kingfish was cut in chunks which I enjoyed instead of the typical thinly sliced.

Feijoada, a hearty black bean stew with slow cooked rump cap, chorizo, pork belly and bacon served w a side of white rice, farofa and molho a campanha. 

The white rice was dry overall but the Farofa, which is a toasted cassava / corn flour mixture was rather an interesting addition to top of the dish with whilst eating. I quite enjoyed it sprinkling everything with the Farofa if I was to be honest.

Molho a Campanha, was a tomato salsa and it gave the dish that refreshing and crunchy texture that it needed. With the stew being quite heavy on the flavour and eaten best with the rice, this salsa was more of a refreshment on the palate as you eat the other dishes.

Bife de Vacio, was a dish to watch out for. Chargrilled flank steak cooked medium rare, served with golden fried papa criolla and chimichurri. The golden potatoes were well made, crispy on the outside and fluffy and soft on the inside. Chimichurri isn't my usual first choice for a meat sauce but it worked well here.

I do have to say though that the steak was much bloodier and watery than I had hoped and the amount of fat on the side was just fattier than I had liked. Overall, this was a good dish but there may have been some minor things here and there where I would've liked it differently but that's just my personal opinion. Others may enjoy it as is and it will taste as good anyhow.

Pao de Queijo, was a Brazilian style cheese bread which I enjoyed. Slightly crusty on the outside but as soon as you take a bite, you could taste the fluffiness and the cheese. I wonder if they could sell something like these frozen? So you can just maybe pop in the oven and after a few minutes, it'll be done and you can enjoy it right in your very own home.

Overall it was an enjoyable lunch and would come here again with a group as it's not everyday nor everywhere you do find a latin fusion restaurant around.

 *Please note this is a delayed post and as such, the menu may have changed since my visit to the establishment.

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Fogata Latin Fusion Bar & Restaurant - Fortitude Valley, Brisbane


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