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Mazri Kitchen - Sunnybank, Brisbane

February 07, 2019

Sometimes finding a local Japanese restaurant can be hard with many being owned and run by non-Japanese. However, there are places where authenticity can be found and one of them, I have to say is this place. Although it may not be the best nor the closest to some, but their options are quite extensive and offers both lunch and dinner.

Chicken Katsu Curry is always a classic to have but I felt that the amount of pickles on the plate.. was quite small. The chicken katsu was crumbed well and placed on top of the warm rice. To have the curry sauce not being all over the katsu still makes that crumb still crunchy and not soggy. No one wants a soggy crumbed chicken.

Sadly, the chicken was crumbed not panko-crumbed.

The curry sauce also did not have a strong hint of spice to it but was rather mild. You can however choose to request a spicier curry base.

Since they had a special dish on offer, I decided to order it and since it involved Omurice with Hayashi, it was definitely a no brainer. It's not easy to find Hayashi rice around.

Hayashi is basically braised beef with onions, mushrooms in a thick gravy like sauce.

Omurice is simply omelette on top of rice. It's always best when the egg is still slightly gooey, half done or nearly done and not fully cooked. Just eating the omurice by itself was a pleasure but adding the hayashi sauce makes it much more flavoursome. It was quite rich in taste and the beef was more medium sliced rather than very thinly sliced but that wasn't an issue for me.

Some may find the dish a bit too rich and can be sickening if too much due to the rich taste of the hayashi sauce however, others may enjoy it. It was not too salty nor bland hence having the balance of the hayashi side and omurice.

*Please note this is a delayed post and as such, Mazri Kitchen has now moved to a new location and its menu may have changed since my visit to the establishment.

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