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Siam Samrarn Thai Restaurant - West End, Brisbane

March 07, 2019

Always bustling on Friday and Saturday nights but if you can find a seat or book in advance, that would make your night go quite well. We usually opt to sit inside as sitting outside can be dark, noisy and squishy in some parts of the area. With actual Thai waiters/waitresses, it's always a good feeling when going into a specific cuisine's restaurant and the waiters are actually from the cuisine's country.

Always on the menu for us whenever going to a Thai restaurant, the Chicken Pad Thai. Stir fried thin rice noodles, dry shrimps, garlic, tofu, ground peanuts and egg, as well as your choice of meat. A squeeze of lime all around is usually good to give it that extra acidity and mixing it altogether before serving or eating is always best. Then this way you will be able to taste the combination of the different elements, from the sweetness of the soy sauce, the slight sourness from the lime, the smokey flavour from the wok and so on.

Chicken Green Curry is always a winner but I always find it a tad spicy but then, many others will find this not spicy at all or not spicy enough. So personal preference there..

The thickness and richness of the broth isn't so coconut-ty until it gets to the point where its sickening. The smooth and juicy chicken slices are always in rough cuts, it isn't too small or not cubed like. The addition of the green beans and bamboo shoots gives the whole curry dish that crunch factor.

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