About. - my name is Food.


My passion for food arose after being brought up and raised in three different countries, my parents had always introduced me to various cuisines around the world, enhancing my tastebuds and opening my mind since young. This has allowed me to enjoy all aspects of food wherever it may be, from street food to fine dining worldwide. Which of course, has been supported by my love for travel.

After realising the untouched and unforeseen photographs of the food, drinks, design and sights, I felt that it was time for me to share it to the world. Someone out there will enjoy it, appreciate it, I thought.

To share my dining experiences and being able to document it all allows others to read, look, learn and have the willingness to try for themselves should they travel and have their own experiences out there. I've been fortunate enough to be able to travel around and experience more of the different flavours out there allowing me to grow my network with followers and readers worldwide.

This platform is filled with culinary and travel adventures from one city to another, one country to the next. Believing that the world is continuously changing every single day, as well as people's palates, their likes and dislikes, there are and always will be new and exciting places and food to visit and experience, whether it may be local or Michelin starred restaurants. By being able to take as many snapshots of the city's hustle and bustle, the artistic plating of food, the design of the restaurant that gives us all that unique ambience and atmosphere, keeping it to myself doesn't seem quite right. Sharing is caring afterall.

Send me an email via my Contact page or you can find me on Instagram @mynameisfood.inc. Connect with me and see what adventures is out there.

Note - any invitation or event attended, the specified review will be clearly disclosed and will not influence our opinion(s) greater as the reviews are kept to its degree, standard, and integrity.


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