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mynameisFood. is a personal blog written and edited personally by me. All opinions expressed are my own which are honest and has not been influenced by any means. My reviews are dependent on the visits at the time and revisits will be reviewed again as they may have a different experience or the same. I am not a food critic nor do I consider myself as one, this platform allows me to write and review my own personal dining experiences, may it be good or bad, delicious or not, all are honest and truthful opinions. If you disagree or agree with me at any point or do not receive the same experiences as I have, I do not hold any responsibility as everyone will have their own experiences that they will encounter themselves.

All meals are paid for by me. However, if any meals or product has been sponsored or compensated or if I was an invited guest, it will be clearly disclosed at the end of each review.

All images on this blog are my own, unless stated otherwise. If you wish to use any of my photography for any purposes, please do not use without any written permission and give credit and / or link back to the website.

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