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Pig 'N' Whistle, Queen Street Mall, Brisbane CBD

May 11, 2013

Apologies for lack of posts.. it's past midnight at the moment and I thought I would finally post a review which has been wayyyyyyy-delayed.. So i'm sorry for those who have been expecting this review.. Taking a mini break from my studying which is making me go cuckoo.. Anyways, Pig 'n' Whistle, located in the heart of Queen Street Mall, infront of Queens Plaza.. If you walk past a restaurant in the middle of Queen Street Mall that has live music, then this must be the one... I used to get confused with these restaurants that has a "pig" as their mascot, but no other restaurants serve what Pig 'n' Whistle serves.. Want to know why? Because it's probably the only "Traditional British Pub" that you can find around here in Brisbane..
 Their seatings are seperated by their kitchen which is located right in the middle of their restaurant, alfresco outdoor dining is available, a more closed private dining or a bar-ish kind-of-feel dining, whichever dining environment feeling you would like, you can find it here... Big screen TVs are located at both dining areas where usually the diners would watch their favourite footy while gobbing down on some traditional british pub food and gulping food down with a big gulp of refreshing cold beer.. 
Ploughman's Lunch
Came for lunch one lovely afternoon and had their "Ploughman's Lunch".. First of all, it is known that if you want a taste of British Pub, then you have to try the Ploughman's Lunch... A Ploughman's lunch is actually basically means a lunch packed for a ploughman, similar to a kid bringing a lunchbox to school, but this would be a ploughman's lunch for him to bring out to the field.. 

First time trying it so was pretty excited and since I saw that it would have an "English Pork Pie" and "Scotch Egg", I was eager to try it.. Scotch Eggs always somehow amuses me, not that it's funny or anything, but just the way how an egg could be inside a crumbed coated sausage meat.. just by looking at it makes me happy... When creativity and food is joined together, you get such amazing dishes out of them..
Scotch Egg
I have tried scotch egg before but I do have to say, that this Scotch Egg has been done perfectly well.. The egg is actually just how I like it, not fully cooked, having their half-boiled taste and their colour would contrast... 

The sausage meat has been herbed and mixed well, with the crumbs not too thick which gives it a very nice coating..
Branston pickles, toasted bread, aged cheddar cheese and a side salad and a cold slice of ham is on the side.. Simple but traditional, there is actually not many restaurants who do still sell traditional food so this is something different.. 
On the side, there is a sauce tray which is pickled onions, mustard and chutney... Presented on top of a wooden chopping board gives that vintage touch I reckon..
 And now, for the main highlight, well I think it is, other than the Scotch Egg of course.. is the English Pork Pie.. Traditionally in Britain, it is served cold and they have done it the same as well.. I was quite surprised but after I had a taste, I think the coldness of the English Pork Pie made it very different and unique, when compared with the normal hot meat pies.. At first I was not too sure of what Pork pies would be like, since I've only tried the typical meat or chicken pies.. The pork consists of roughly chopped pork and pork jelly and the crust is not flaky but instead a hot water crust pastry.. I enjoyed the pork pie as it was cold and the blend between the pork and the pork jelly was quite interesting, and because it was served cold and not the usual flaky pastry, it was different, and I liked it.. The pastry was not blend at all, it had a distinct taste which made it deliciously appetizing..
 Next to be gobbled down was the "Sirloin Steak and Petite Guiness Steak Pie".. Yes, if you're thinking of Guiness Beer, then you're right.. I have heard about drunken chicken, beer battered fries and all, but never Guiness Steak Pies.. And again, another traditional british pub food.. I am a beer drinker, so Guiness Steak did sound good to me..
 When the dish came out, the first thing that caught my eye was their presentation of their Guinness Steak Pie, petite it was, but also cute.. The Guinness Steak pie was not covered in crust, it was in a little bowl and the steak and vegetables in the pie would pop out of the bowl and on top, sits the pastry pie...
The steak was not overpowered by the Guinness Beer taste, and the steak had that chewy texture, seemed as if it was slow cooked, those type of meats that when mixed with sauce and melts in your mouth.. That was what I tasted when I took a bit of the steak.. Not stingy with the portion of the steak as they were cut not in little pieces but medium-sized so that you are still able to chew it.. I was expecting a very strong Guinness Beer taste or an aftertaste, but the Guinness Beer was blended in well with the steak which gave the steak that extra chewy texture.. You can definitely taste the Guinness Beer blend when eating the steak along with the sauce (i like saucy foods and i really liked it, i and the vegetables..
 Fat chips and seasonal vegetables were served along with the sirloin steak (cooked to your liking) and the Guiness Steak Pie..
Sirloin steak with mushroom sauce.. Sauce was not too much or too little.. I don't like those restaurants where you would have to go and ask for extra sauce since the sauce they pour over your steaks is too little.. I like my steaks medium-rare, sometimes medium, depends on what I feel like..
Fancy trying traditional British pub food? Want to know what traditional british food is like? Then why not pop into Pig'n'Whistle either in Queen Street, Riverside or Indooroopilly and have a try... Drink some beers, go there with mates, eat great food.. Try their ploughman's lunch or platter, try their guiness steak pie, try their summer platter, try their duck & port jelly pate, try it all ~~ Queen Street is located in the middle of Queen Street Mall, you can watch passersby and eat and drink at the same time, Riverside is in Eagle Street Precinct and the Indooroopilly location is inside the Shopping Mall... 

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