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Pablo, New Farm, Brisbane

April 05, 2014

Breakfast? New Farm? So many places to choose from.. and here lies Pablo, in the long road of Brunswick Street where restaurants from the West to the East is everywhere to be found.. Though parking may be a hassle, and weekend at its busiest as its free, you'll definitely not regret coming down in the morning for breakky or even for brunch.. Pablo isn't in the middle of the busiest area which I do quite like since the busyness of the other side may leave an impact while you're eating or such.. 

Quite a little petite place to go into when you look at it from the front, but when you come in, it might take you by surprise.. Though the seatings aren't very crowded or filled, it's enough for diners to come in, order, have a drink, eat, talk and leave before the next group of diners come in to take your seat.. Sometimes you don't need that big space just to serve delicious food, you just need the right amount of each and you'll be good..
Ordered a cookies and cream milkshake (I think that's what they called it..) and it looked wonderful however, the taste was not as eye catching as its outlook.. The cookies and cream was there, but it wasn't maybe enough to have that kick.. Maybe a bit too much milk or cream and not enough cookies.. just maybe.. 
As for the coffee, a flat white, the usual for him.. Just the way he liked it.. Though they did not use those regular popular coffee brands you see around but the Italian coffee brand, Genovese, was good.. 
For some reason, I'm either missing or the photo is such bad quality or blurry that I don't seem to have the photo for the Mince Beef's dish overall.. Only snapshots of it so here they are.. 'Savoury Mince, slow cooked with chorizo, speck bacon, cherry tomatoes & baby spinach served with herbed creme fraiche, free-range fried egg, sourdough toast and lemon' ($17) is what you'll get in this dish.. Presentation wise was quite cute with the savoury mince being placed in a little red pot, which somehow gives me that homey feeling.. The savoury mine despite the chorizo and bacon etc, I felt that it just tasted normal.. maybe even something that can be made at home.. Though don't get me wrong, the flavouring was balanced well with its sweetness and saltiness, the mince beef and chorizo and the bacon gives it that meaty feel to the dish, similar to when you eat those Meatlovers pizza..
The sourdough toast and the egg was just as is, didn't use the lemon as I thought that the flavour was enough for everything.. I quite liked the herbed creme fraiche though, it was quite nice having the sauce and the mince together..
Now, this dish.. again, yes.. Salmon.. 'Smoked salmon, shaved fennel & apple verjuice pickle, free-range dill scrambled eggs, smoked tomato compote and a seeded peasant toast' ($17) was the favourite dish out of the two ordered.. We really never get sick of salmon do we?
Presentation wise, neat and shows all the elements of the dish spread out on the plate, though the salmon may have been hidden from the shaved fennel pickle placed on top of it.. The seeded peasant toast was already buttered when it arrived on our table which I quite liked instead of having to do it ourselves.. but again, maybe that just depends on the mood since I do quite like spreading my own spread on toasts..
Free-range dill scrambled eggs, though simple, I really did enjoy the scrambled eggs.. I find it that nowadays, many places are trying to sizzle up their eggs with herbs or pesto or such, just to give it that extra nicer outlook maybe.. The scrambled eggs was fluffy and soft, the dill was in an adequate amount, let's just say, it worked.. the saltiness of the eggs were just right and it's nice to see scrambled eggs not done fully cooked and still has that darker yellowish colour in the middle when you pierce it with your fork... As for the smoked tomato compote, though I couldn't really tell that the tomato has been smoked, you could probably tell by its colour and its taste..
Smoked Salmon is always going to just be smoked salmon, delicious no matter what you do or don't do to it.. The shaved fennel and apple verjuice pickle was nicely done, it added that refreshing feeling at the start of the day which was a nice balance to the dish.. 

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