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Hatch & Co., Gasworks Plaza, Newstead, Brisbane

October 11, 2014

Hatch n Co has been one of the most talked about restaurants since it open their doors. Being one of the popular restaurants in the Gasworks Precinct in Newstead, I do have to say, it is definitely a good lunch or dinner spot. At night, sitting outside would give you the nice view of the changing coloured lights of the Gasometer area whilst also getting fresh air. I do recommend making reservations since they do get booked out quite easily. Coming here for my mum's birthday was quite a minute-thinking-moment since I had a few places in mind but finally made my decision and chose to have a birthday lunch here.

Open Kitchen area with the specials of the day written on a chalk board wall
Alfresco dining area outside
I quite liked the interior of the restaurant. They have created a simple yet elegant dining area as well as available high tables and chairs to sit on around the bar area. With consistent interior design, I quite appreciate that more rather than restaurants having multiple various designs of tables or chairs which sometimes do get on my nerves since I feel as if they are trying to be bold, but did not quite get there or just the colours or the textures or such just clashes with one another. But again, that is just my opinion, others may feel and see different.
As we looked through the menu, the waiters were quite helpful though there was one or two that didn't seem as friendly. The menu offers an extensive range of snacks, small plated, share plates, pizza, sides and main plates. Oh, and dessert of course were also available.
We were fine with the food coming all at once, since we didn't really all order an entree and a main each. We started of with one of the specials of the day which was 'Crispy Duck Fat potatoes with garlic and thyme' ($9) which I found to be a nice accompaniment with the rest of the food but it was not wow or swept me off my feet. There was a full garlic sliced which was placed on top of the duck fat potatoes with thyme which was a nice touch to the dish. I did not find the potato skin to be as crispy as I though it would be, as it just seemed as it was just pan fried or grilled along with the duck fat.
'White clams, angel hair pasta, scallop broth, chilli and parsley' ($28) was a simple pasta dish that I thought was quite nice but I found it to be rather oily. Some of the clam shells had no meat in it which was annoying since you would have to just put them aside. The lemon wedge on the side given was not neccessary I think as the dish itself had quite a strong flavour of the clams. However, though scallop broth may sound interesting, I could not taste the distinctness of the scallop broth itself.
The chilli was thinly sliced but did not offer a kick in the dish. Overall, the dish reminded me of just a very simple class pasta dish if you don't fancy or in the mood for very saucy dishes.
'Pork cheek ragu, basil, chilli, soft herbs with tagliatelle' ($24) was quite a rich dish both in flavour and texture. However, I did not find the pork cheek ragu to be one of the best I have tasted though it was very tender but the sauce itself I think overpowered the meat and the herbs.
The chilli again was not noticeable. The tagliatelle was a nice pasta noodle that accompanied the dish and is actually one of my favourites too. The portion however, was quite large but since we were sharing between four, we managed to nearly finish it but not fully since we had ordered other dishes as well, not knowing of each of the dishes' portions. I think that this dish though a main plate, can be itself shared amongst two.
Another special of the day was the 'Wagyu beef cheeseburger, pickles, bacon and dijon served with fries' ($18). With the size of the burger and the side of fries portion, I found that this was definitely worth it. The fries had that nice crispy batter on the outside with the chilli salt which you could taste a bit of the kick was definitely a nice accompaniment with the burger.
The burger was just okay, the wagyu beef was tender but with the bacon and pickles, it just seemed normal with the bun being a bit dry. There really isn't much to say about the burger, but I liked the fries more (I'm not sure if they're comparable which they probably aren't but if I had to keep eating one or the other, I would have picked the fries)
'Chorizo, caramelised onion, oregano and goats feta pizza' ($24) was a simple tomato based pizza. The chorizo was very thinly sliced which could have been better if it was a bit thicker.
The oregano leaves and the goats feta was a definitely good combination along with the tomato base. I found that the dough is a bit too thin to my liking, and the sauce was more around the middle than the side along with the toppings as well. This was quite disturbing as you would eat the pizza from one end, and then by the time you get to the crust, all your toppings are gone and all that's left is a thin crust, with just the thin tomato base sauce.
Despite the fact that we were seated at a table which should accomodate 4 people and 4 dishes, there was a lot of hassle and trouble trying to fit all dishes on the table so I did find the tables were a bit small. It may be fine for 2 people but maybe not for 4, especially if you decide to order a main each or even a main and a side each, there will be no way you would be able to fit your food on the table. Other than that note, a definite recommended place to dine at, with the change of the new Spring menu, I might just drop by again.

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