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Bebek Tepi Sawah, Jalan Raya Goa Gajah, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

November 16, 2014

'Bebek Tepi Sawah' literally means 'Duck next to the rice fields'. It is definitely a must try restaurant if you are in Bali and wanting duck dishes. I would recommend coming to the Ubud branch instead of the other branch, just simply because of its location and being able to eat and enjoy the paddy fields backdrop. Although many of their dishes are quite delicious, when coming to a restaurant, I would rather choose and eat what the restaurant specializes in, instead of having other restaurants which other restaurants may have. So, here comes the quacks...
Paddy field backdrop surrounded by seating areas..
See the pathways that crosses between sections or across the paddy fields to get from one side to the other.
One of the various seating areas to dine. Don't forget to take your shoes off before sitting down.
Three different types of 'Sambal' (chilli) is offered and given to you, if you're a spicy lover then go ahead and try them, but if you aren't then you may just skip it or even have a little taste if you would like.
One of the many types of Sambal consisting of red and green chillies, tomato and fried onion.
'Sambal Mata' is a type of Balinese chilli which consists of onion, lemongrass and a combo of red/green chillies.
We ordered two of their famous duck dishes, and of course, that is what the restaurant specializes in, duck. They do offer various different type of dishes as well such as chicken or seafood, other Indonesian food and also other assorted Asian food. Sides and desserts are also available.

'Bebek Betutu' (IDR 95k - AUD $9.5) is a Balinese smoked duck which involves wrapped and stuffed in banana leaf and marinated with traditional Bali spices before being grilled. It is served with simple vegetables and steamed rice. Sauce on the side is also given but I would usually pour or have some of the sauce with the steamed rice to give the rice the moist and extra flavour.
The duck has been cooked well, with its moist skin and the spices rubbed onto it. The spices are quite strong and when eaten together with the warm rice, it would give this distinct taste.
'Tepi Sawah Crispy' (IDR 89,500 - AUD $9ish) is a traditional deep fried duck with Balinese vegetables served with rice. I found this to be simpler than the previous duck dish, however, the crispy duck skin is to die for. Though sometimes you may get a not so meaty piece, it does dissapoint you, but other than that, though a simpler dish, you won't forget the taste after you start eating. Don't compare it to peking duck or just the usual crispy skin duck you buy at chinese restaurants...
Again, moist in the inside with a very well done deep fried skin, crispy in each bite. The tomato and cucumber slice with a little piece of lettuce was not necessary in my opinion. More of the vegetables would have been nicer as sometimes, they may not give you enough to accompany the duck and the rice, leaving you finishing the duck with leftover rice with nothing to eat it with.
Although there are a few competitors offering duck dishes, nothing will compare with this one, not just by the food, but also by its paddy field backdrop and the way the restaurant has been set out is definitely a winner. For those who aren't used to sitting on a bamboo mat and eating, either with your hands or with a fork and spoon, who may want to see Balinese people carrying food on their heads or having to carry food across the fields, who wants to experience the culture, then this is the place for you.

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