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Maru Korean BBQ Restaurant, Elizabeth St, Brisbane CBD, Brisbane

April 13, 2015

Maru in Elizabeth St has just recently became the largest Korean restaurant in Brisbane, having now not only the upper floor but also ground floor. Having went there before renovations began, we wanted a simple light lunch that wasn't too heavy for the both of us and I thought it's been awhile since I visited Maru..
'Jap Chae' ($14.8) which is Stir Fried potato noodles with vegetables and beef. It usually is considered an entree, but we don't mind it being a main to eat. The texture of the potato noodles may remind you of glass noodles or rice noodles aka. vermicelli. But somehow, these noodles are stickier and glossier after cooking it. I found this to be abit more sticky than the usual I have eaten, and the sauce seemed a bit bland. A decent amount of vegetables but not enough meat was put in the dish.
'Maru Sweet Fried Pork' (S: $25, M: $35) was not as crispy as I thought it would be due to the fried pork being drenched in the sweet sour sauce. It had slices of onion, wood ear mushrooms, pineapple and onions was a nice combination with the pork. However, they shouldn't pour the sauce over the fried pork making it all soggy in the end which didn't taste very nice. I also found the sauce to be very strong, too sour and too sweet, they should lessen the strengthness of it.
They currently offer "Pocha Special" which is basically Korean Style Cart Bar where various dishes are 50% off between 9-10pm, well, let's just call it their "Happy Hour". Drinks such as Soju or Beer buckets and Spicy Baby Octopus or Fried Chicken. Might give that a try next time..

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