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Alfred & Constance, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

May 27, 2015

Alfred and Constance, the ongoing buzz of this place along with its sisters and brothers of Alfredo's Pizzeria, Kwan Brothers, Chester St Bakery and now, Doughnut Time, all by the same owner, Damian Griffiths. This was a few months back when I ate here, since then, a slight change on the menu so some of the food in this review may or may not be still available in the restaurant. Conveniently placed due mostly of its parking, in which you can get a $5 parking when you dine at any of the restaurants.

Assorted cakes and other desserts available in the glass display at the counter.

Sometimes a simple dinner is needed, not too filling nor too light either leaving us hungry when we walk out of the restaurant. As we were going through the menu, a few items caught our eye but since we didn't want to buy two mains, we chose to order an entree and a main. Bear in mind, we will come back to try out their other dishes on offer.
Starting off with 'Crispy Calamari' ($16.9) on a bed of light rocket served with a sweet paprika mayonnaise and a quarter of a lemon wedge. Whilst presentation did not get me, but the amount of calamari and mayonnaise was sufficient. If you're a frequent reader of mine, then you would know that I am a person that quite like my sauces however, if there are just those food where you won't need any, then I enjoy them too, just as much. But not when you get a food which is originally dry and a sauce is needed but only given a tiny portion of it. The sweet paprika mayonnaise gave the calamari quite a kick, not due to its spiciness, no, but due to its well thought out combination of creating a sweet paprika mayo. 
The calamari was lightly battered and fried with the right amount of both batter and oil. I dislike when I get served fried food and they are re-deep-fried when they aren't supposed to be or if they are covered in very thick batter and as soon as you bite into it, all you can taste is the batter and very little meat. Eww. The calamari was just the right texture and it was a pleasant dish to eat and start our meals with, it was crispy on the outside, also with the right amount of spices and chewy on the inside.
As for the mains, he has been eyeing out the burger on the menu even though there are so much variety of food available in the menu but yep, burger it was. When it arrived at our table, big fat chunky chips, aioli on the side, crispy onion rings and what looks liked to be grilled brioche bun burger.. The chips weren't crispy unfortunately although they were quite chunky, but I would have preferred it to be much crispier than that.
 'The A&C Burger' ($21.9) came with a beef pattie, bacon, gruyere, tomato relish, lettuce on a Brioche bun served with onion rings and chips. A mouthful to say, your simple cheeseburger, yes? no? What did we think about it.. well, since we already do have our favourite joints for our best burgers, this might just make it into the list. I have even thought of making a Top 10 or Top 5 list on various different cuisines or foods but haven't gotten the eagerness to.
There's bad lighting inside the restaurant so it was hard trying to take decent photos of the burger, which ended up with me using flash woops.. But as you can see from the picture below, the burger was not dripping in sauce, nor was it lacking meat and condiments. Sometimes, when you get given a burger, it's either too messy, too little meat or a bland taste or it just looks better than it tastes somehow..
The beef pattie was nice, grilled nicely, moist in the inside with the salad and pickles, it was a simple but yet perfect combo. As for the gruyere, I was not able to distinctly taste it which was saddening, maybe the whole burger itself just over powered it. The onion rings were cut and battered nicely although it seemed as if they used old oil since the colour of the onion rings were much browner than if they had used new oil. It didn't really matter as much but it was nice seeing and tasting onion rings where the onion is actually sliced chunky instead of having flour or fake onions inside.
We decided to have coffee and a cake afterwards, however I forgot the name of the cake. It was however too sweet to my liking, but with a dollop of vanilla ice cream, it was both a moist and well structured layered cake. It was simply layers of mud cake and chocolate mousse.

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