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Mr Bap, Pinelands Plaza, Sunnybank Hills, Brisbane

November 09, 2015

Mr Bap is located in Pinelands Plaza where Nandos, Shalom, Toppoki 88 and Coles etc are at. I didn't realise there was a Korean BBQ restaurant in the complex but I always go past the shopping complex everytime I go to one of my favourite sushi spots. A friend of ours had suggested to come here and so here we are.. It was quite empty when we entered for lunch, with only maybe a few tables were filled while we were there.

It is nice to see a real Charcoal BBQ instead of the Infrared Korean BBQ. When we arrived, they did not serve their side dishes first but we had to wait for it until our BBQ Set arrived. Usually in some Korean restaurants, they would serve the side dish first before anything arrives just so that it doesn't seem like the main dishes are taking a long time, or just some nibbles on the table while the diners would have a chat.. We ordered their 'BBQ Set B' ($55 for 2-3 people) which consists of Premium pork belly, Marinated Beef (Bulgogi), Chicken in Spicy Chilli Paste, Marinated Pork Rib, Marinated Rib Skirt and assorted Veges. Although there was the 4 of us dining at the time, but we thought that having the Set B would be enough as we also wanted to order a pancake as well on the side.
Their meats were fresh, though the Marinated meats seemed much more soggier and not as fresh as it should've been. I don't really understand why Korean restaurants like putting Assorted Veges when all you really get is a thin slice of pumpkin, sweet potato, a mushroom and half a corn. So many restaurants do this and when reading the menu, it doesn't seem like the real life does justice for what has been written. Assorted Veges, yes, that's fine but at least give the same portion for at least the stated number of people let's say 2-3 people, at least everyone can have a bite or have some vegetables.. not even less than a person's portion.
I would come again to try their normal dishes and also, their Korean BBQ..

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