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Terminal Live Seafood Restaurant, Jl. Manyar Kertoarjo, Surabaya, Indonesia

February 13, 2016

Terminal Live Seafood restaurant is located on one of the busiest and restaurant filled roads in Surabaya. Offering fresh and live seafood dishes to suit any appetite, they have a few of their own house specialties but also do watch out for their special offers as they might have something that might intrigue you to try. This 2-storey restaurant also has 3 private room that may be used for Karaoke for events or even if you just feel like eating seafood and singing... I guess? If you are looking for a place to entertain for a birthday or even gatherings, they do have a multi purpose area with a stage that you are able to use.. But, nevermore... here is a seafood restaurant that you may want to try when you are around.
Being able to pick out your own seafood just reminds you of being in Jimbaran, Bali but other than that.. it isn't your usual visit to seafood restaurants where you are able to pick out which good lookin fish you would like may it be the smallest or the biggest. Sometimes, the problem with live seafood restaurant is that some may be empty and they would just say that they have sold out or maybe just don't have them anymore on the menu.. Yet, they still have it on their menu which bothers me sometimes when you do want to order it.
The grilling is done outside of the restaurant, allowing them to be able to use a charcoal grill making the seafood have a smoky flavour and also, the crispiness if you have realised do differ from the way you cook or grill your fish or any other seafood.
Once you are seated, you are given a side plate of pickles, freshly chopped chilli with red onion and also a dipping sauce which is quite chilli. First was the 'Grilled Fish' which we ordered which sadly I forgot what type of fish it was.. so, I'll just post the different types of live fish they offer which also includes its pricing so then you know roughly how much it is for each of them. The way they do it is that you choose what fish you would like and also how it is cooked. I do prefer this way of choosing seafood dishes as it is easier and also allows you to not have to stick with what they offer but you can also have a taste of this and that, try it this and that way, more like a flexibility on what you are eating which is great.
We chose the fish to be grilled indonesian style sweet which just uses their Dark soy sauce as a base of the fish while it's grilling. As you can see, the burnt bits are abit extreme in some areas, hence you would omit in eating those areas. But the other areas, you can see how it has been grilled nicely, having the soy sauce absorbed into its meat whilst also getting the charcoal and smoky flavour and texture like I mentioned previously. The seafood was fresh, thick meat and it was delicious.
'English Burr Head cooked with Ebi (Sayur Genjer Masak Masak dengan Ebi) (IDR38rb = ~AUD$3.8) to be honest, I wasn't sure what type of plant it was at first other than that it was some kind of vegetable. When I looked it up online for its English name, it turned out to be an English Burr Head aka. Limnocharis Flava which I have never heard of in terms of its English name but for those who aren't familiar with this vegetable, it is very common in Indonesia, being grown amongst the rice fields in Javanese islands. The central flower stalk is used for cooking but its flower can also be eaten as well. What makes it unique is its triangular shaped leaves, growing in clumps and its hollow stems are bald/smooth.
'Live Galah Prawns' (IDR48rb/ons = ~AUD$4.8/ounces) in which we chose its cooking method to be served with Ginger and Spring Onions. Prawns like these, especially prawns such as King Prawns or Tiger Prawns are best served naturally. In which I mean that it shouldn't be drenched in sauce or full of toppings in which would overpower the prawn's texture and flavour. That's what I think anyway..
Everyone likes their seafood served differently but I feel that minced garlic or just ginger and spring onions allows the juices of the prawn to be tasted as well as the light toppings on top.
There was a Special Offer when we came and that was 'Alaskan King Crab Leg in any sauce of your choice' (IDR128rb/100g = ~AUD$12.8/100g) where you are able to choose out of these sauces or its way of cooking; American Cajun, Garlic, Terminal Signature Golden Cream, Singapore sauce, Padang sauce or Pepper sauce. However, there was a minimum on how much you were able to buy the special which was you had to buy at least 400g of it. The whole dish was served with corn, clam and potatoes which was complimentary for every order made when you choose the American Cajun sauce, which we did.
Everything was served on a big white plate, it was alot of crab legs, I may say.. The American Cajun sauce seemed to have been marinated in, also being poured over everything. There were a few corn cobs on the side, along with roughly cut big fat potatoes however, the amount of clams could have been more but I guess it would have sufficed with the amount of other dishes we have already ordered.
American Cajun sauce wouldn't have been my first choice for sauce but it turned out pretty good I must say. There were the right amount of spices and herbs, flavour was good but I did find it quite full on with the pepper. The crab legs was fat and juicy, filled with flavour and the sauce became a good dipping sauce for the meat.
One of my favourite dishes to eat everytime I am in Indonesia, it is always this.. though every restaurant has their own way of serving and cooking it. 'Soft Shell Crab with Salted Egg' (IDR79.8rb = ~AUD$8) The serving was quite big compared to some restaurants, however there were slices of capsicum as well as what seems to be basil or lettuce as decoration which was quite a nice touch. Overall, the dish was well done, the soft shell crab was crispy and full of flavour with the salted egg all around it.

You can see how big the crab leg is when one is placed on a small plate on its own.. Now I feel like eating more crab.. Wonder where I should go for good crabs over here in Brissie..?

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