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Zeus Street Greek - South Bank, Brisbane

December 21, 2018

When Zeus initially opened a few years ago, it definitely caught a lot of people's attention, even mine. It was packed a few times we had wanted to go but we finally was able to get a seat during lunchtime when it was surprisingly quiet. Only a couple of tables were filled when we came in with a few others ordering take away while we were there.

The interesting thing is that although it's a restaurant, you do order at the counter and get your own cutleries and serviettes as well as any water or condiments at a table corner.

Since this is a delayed post, please note that the menu has changed but the below was the menu they had when we dined there.

Uncle 'Tzimmy' Chicken was one of their classic pitas where you could pick your choice of meat out of chicken, pork or lamb, served with tomato, tzatziki, onion, paprika and their famous chips all wrapped up in a fluffy pita.

Once it reached our table, the disappointment started. The size of the pita was small. In all of the images I looked at previously seemed to be a lot bigger but then again, it may have just been the angle.

The pita bread was dry and coarse, not fluffy but a bit tough chewy texture. The amount of chips in it was only a few at the top and does not go till the bottom. The chicken was also dry and did not have any distinct flavour but had a slight smokyness aroma. The onion, tzaziki and paprika was there but again, it didn't really complemented the whole pita to make it better or great. The chips weren't crispy as we thought it would be seeing that it was freshly made, it had the slight soggyness already maybe due to the tzatziki and the humidity being cooped up in the pita. The paprika was mostly found on the top of the pita which was on the chips and a little bit on the tomato. The tomato was basically two thin slices through the whole pita.

It wouldn't be something we'd order again and instead, we would have gotten their other dishes. That could've been a better portion and fill us up.

It just felt and tasted like a fast food setting kind of food although I know it's not and not aiming to be.

Soft Shell Crab served with Aegean slaw, preserved lemon mayo, caramelised onion, sweet chilli and coriander. This was one of the items I really wanted to try when looking through their menu and seeing images online. However, it was also a sad pita. It was dry, the Aegean slaw was mostly red cabbage with bits and pieces of carrots. The coriander was only about two picks. I was unable to detect much of the caramelised onion nor the lemon mayo which was a let down. A good thing would have been that yes, a full soft shell crab was given but then again, for those who's eaten one, we all know they're not that big. The pita was also not as fluffy but was rather a bit tough chewy and dry. The sweet chilli was so tiny I couldn't even taste it.

Would it be somewhere we would visit again? Maybe not. Their customer service was also not that great either. No friendliness throughout. Only a Hi when we entered and that's it.

For the price of these pitas and their portion, it wasn't worth it.

Up the size or lower the price would be my suggestion.

*Please note this is a delayed post and as such, the menu may have changed since my visit to the establishment.

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