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Bulgogi Bros, Chermside, Brisbane

March 13, 2017

It's not everyday that you see there is a Korean restaurant in the northside area but finally, here in Chermside, you can finally go to one without having to go that extra mile down to the city or southside just to get your Korean fix. Their menu ranges quite widely offering various dishes from noodles and rice as well as fried chicken and hot pot. A humble but cute nook I have to say, filled with wooden chairs and tables.

Side dishes were given to you after your main dishes has arrived which I think should be the other way around as side dishes should arrive first, allowing the diners to be able to have a chat and nibble while they wait for their food to arrive. Kimchi, radish and wilted salad mix with instant mini tofu pieces lightly seasoned.

'Hae-mul Pajeon' (AUD$10), a pan fried korean pancake filled with seafood and vegetables. Usually, it would be served in a big round plate but this time, it was technically two mini pan fried pancakes served with a light soy sauce dip. Unfortunately, I did feel that it lacked the saltyness as well as the filling as the seafood was only just a pinch. For the same price or even slightly higher, I would be willing to pay more elsewhere for a decent size real pan fried pancake.

'Mu-Geon-Ji Kimchi Jim' (AUD$35) was one of their few options for hot pot. Korean hot pots are great for sharing and also during cool nights. This specific hot pot consisted of ripe kimchi and pork belly as the main star of the dish. Again, when other Korean restaurants offers rice bowls with every hot pot order or even noodles in it, this place didn't. So bear that in mind.

Yep, you have to buy extra noodles if you wanted noodles inside the hotpot. The choices between so-called Ramen noodles or Korean glass noodles (the clear noodles that is used for Jap-chae). We decided to get the ramen noodles with the thought it was actual ramen noodles. Sadly, when this piece of instant noodle was served on a small side plate, we were rather dissapointed. R was quite upset and felt that she should've probably chose the glass noodles instead as they would probably be better and healthier than these instant noodle. Nonetheless, we did add it into our hot pot and left it to cook and sizzle away.

After mixing it around, you would need to break the instant noodles into pieces as the soup may just over flow if you do try and push down the instant noodles into the hot pot. Be careful when mixing with the ladle as the soup can splatter onto you and since it is kimchi based, no one wants red marks on their white shirts.

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