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Mien Korean Style Chinese Restaurant, Runcorn, Brisbane

August 20, 2017

For a casual night even on a weeknight, Mien does serve up some delicious simple rice and noodle dishes as well as other meaty dishes. They also do daily specials so you can have a look at them but their portion is a winner as you are able to eat half the portion served and take away the rest for your next grumbling tummy moment.

'Vegetable & Egg fried rice with pork black bean sauce' (AUD$12) is simply what I'd like to call two things in one plate. First you have your simple vegetables and egg fried rice, very simple, not too oily like the chinese version of fried rice sometimes but it is then served with black bean sauce which consists of pork belly and onion. For those who aren't too sure of what it may be, it basically is a Korean version of the Chinese black bean sauce but the Koreans has developed their own version and served it in a way where it may be different than the typical chinese black bean sauce dishes.

You can eat this separately but then again, you can also mix it together and make the fried rice become somewhat a black bean sauce fried rice. Yes, it may be weird at the start but it can be quite delicious too.

'Sichuan style spicy tofu and vegetables with rice' is basically Mapo Tofu and do I have to say that what a big portion they do give for one single portion, seriously.. If you are unable to finish it, you are able to take it away so just simply ask them for a spare container and bring it home and finish it up for supper or even tomorrow's lunch. The mapo tofu had a slight sweetness and isn't like the typical chinese version as they have added a little bit of Korean fusion but for those who don't mind to have a bit more tang but sweetness in their Mapo Tofu, they maybe you should give this a try. The amount of tofu and minced is also very generous.

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