2018 Update II. - my name is Food.

2018 Update II.

11:47:00 PM

Please note that reviews will start again after the end of May due to personal, study, work reasons & wedding planning. The main reasons being wed-planning & work... Hence why the last review was a few months ago.. Just a bit hard trying to juggle everything all at the same time, so hope you all can understand.

No, mynameisFood. is not done yet, we still have so much to share with you especially from our travels in Hong Kong, Japan, Germany and France, so please be patient and the next thing you know, you will be spending hours just reading and seeing all the drool-able images again..

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Thanks for all the support and the many readers who has been following us until now.

All business, media or collaborations enquiries, please email me.

See you soon!



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