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Doug's Seafood Cafe, Sandgate, Brisbane

August 29, 2012

Crumbed and Battered Barramundi with Chips
 Felt like Fish and Chips for lunch, not sure why, so went up to Sandgate and had Fish and Chips at Doug's Seafood Cafe.. They sell the usual stuff that a seafood cafe would sell, fish and chips, seafood deals, salads etc.. Their joint is both a cafe and a restaurant, though it is seperated but it is in the same building and right next to each other..
 They had a lunch special which was $10 bucks for either a Crumbed/Grilled/Battered Fish and Chips..
Crumbed Barramundi with Chips
 Bought the Crumbed Barramundi and Chips.. Crumbed was good and the chips could've been better but it was alright..
Battered Barramundi with Chips
 Also bought the Battered Barramundi and Chips... The batter was a bit too thick to my liking, it could've been better if it was not as thick.. But overall, for the price and the portion, it was a good deal..
Should go try it next time when you go to Sandgate~~

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