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Mos Burger, Albert St, Brisbane CBD, Brisbane

August 29, 2012

Wagyu Burger
Mos Burger at Albert St in the CBD opened awhile ago, but didn't have the time or the urge to go and try it.. Mos Burger did open firstly in Sunnybank Plaza in Sunnybank and there was even a big opening for it, but even then, every time I would say that I would go and try it, the other restaurants in Sunnybank caught my eye more.. But then, one day, recently, I did end up trying Mos Burger..

 Come into the store and straight away you will see the counter at the left side and then green stairs in the middle leading up to the second floor..
 Mos Burger employee and the green stairs.. Oh, and if you notice the sink and the toilet door, well then you should figured what that section is.. the toilet..
Second Floor Eating area
Second Floor Tatami Styled Tables
Regular Ice Tea and Hot Lemon Tea
 Ice Tea and Hot Lemon Tea... Though I did ask for some lemon so that I could put it into the Ice Tea as it was abit bland..
The Order
 Order arrived... Tomato Sauce packet reminded me of Mos Burger in Singapore.. I started liking Mos Burger when I was living in Singapore and during those times, I would always buy the rice burger and not the burger burger.. if you know what i mean..
 Chips... nothing special, just normal chips.. 
 As the very first photo of this review, this was the "Wagyu Burger"... as you can probably see, they had onion, wagyu beef, tomato, lettuce and sauce... Though there was probably a tad of wasabi as well put in there somewhere..
Overloaded Yakiniku Beef Burger
Okay, this may not be what it looks like.. But, it is the "Yakiniku Burger"... just with an overload of yakiniku beef.. Had a friend working and he cooked the burger and so gave extra beef .. Thanks~ =) But, it was quite hard eating it as when I opened the burger wrapper, all I could see was just beef and a bit of the rice and the lettuce... Instead of a Rice Burger, maybe it turned out to be a Beef Burger instead..
If you want to try it, then go ahead.. It won't hurt and I'm sure many people enjoy and likes it.. Though I haven't tried the other burgers here yet, so for now, I will have to say that it was just okay for me.. Nothing big.. Just that it is good that an asian burger company is trying to break into the western world.. 

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