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Himawari, Elizabeth Arcade, Brisbane CBD

October 29, 2012

Chicken Karaage Obento Box
Met up with a friend for lunch after all of my classes had finished for the day... Went to Himawari for lunch, seeing that my friend was also a regular there... Haven't been to Himawari for a very long time.. Can't even remember the last time I stepped foot here.. 

Chicken Karaage
The Obento Boxes here are very popular with the meat, lots of rice (free additional rice if you want more) and salad.. The salad is abit fusionised with a mixture of different vegetables with a westernised dressing.. The Chicken Karaage here is really good, with the crispiness.. Though be careful it is usually very hot once it arrives on your table...
Chicken Karaage Curry
I ordered the Chicken Karaage curry... It's served simply with rice, chicken karaage and seperated curry sauce in what i like to call it a gravy or a genie pourer.. Don't know why but ye... 
Both of our food with the curry sauce and mayonnaise in the middle of the foods
It is true that japanese curries everywhere are basically nearly the same, as they basically use the same curry powder and all that... However, the obentoo boxes I hear are highly recommended... And they have more varieties in Japanese food than their competitor Kadoya, which is located nearby in the same Elizabeth arcade as well... 

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