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Bavarian Bier Cafe, Eagle Street Pier, Riverside, Brisbane CBD

October 06, 2012

This blog post has been long overdue indeed with the event of the 'Pure Bier Fest 2012 Bloggers Dinner' being held on May in Bavarian Bier Cafe in Eagle Street Pier.. Finally, I have decided to post this blog now, excuse my lateness in doing so though... I have been busy and had trouble trying to locate these photos from my files.. Was invited by OCOM for a blogger's dinner on a Friday evening to launch Pure Bier Fest which goes for a month.. 

Firstly, I guess some of you might be wondering what "Pure Bier Fest" might be.. Pure Bier Fest is a celebration that goes for a month to celebrate the German Bier Purity Law which goes back to as long as the year 1516.. This legislation declares that Pure German Bier can only contain four ingredients, no more and no less.. These four ingredients consists of Hops, Malt, Yeast and Water... Bavarian Bier Cafe of course only sells Pure German Bier along with a few limited edition biers that they have brought over especially for this Pure Bier Fest...
During this month celeberation, Bavarian Bier Cafe has offers for every single day of the week and also their special menus as well...
Mondays - $10 Bier Flights from a selection of Bavarian ales and lagers
Tuesdays - Ultimate Lowenschnitzel eating challenge with a bier on the house if you finish the whole schnitzel
Wednesdays - Pure Bier taste challenges which test you on your Pure Bier knowledge and whether you'll be able to distinguish the difference between Aussie Beers and Pure Bier
Thursdays - Run by the very own Bier Meisters of Bavarian Bier Cafe, they will teach you on everything you would need to know about Pure Bier
Fridays - Bier and Beats ft. DJ music which will get everyone hyped up after a long hard week of work and start enjoying the weekend
Kitchen and Entrance

Bar with hanging beer mugs
One of their seating areas

Wonderful idea of having hanging beer mugs above the bar

Different bier coasters


Short Information about the different biers

Cute deco

Menu for the night
We were all given a taste of different types of biers to sample, amongst the biers were Lowenbrau Original (a golden creamy barley beer with a bit of bitter taste), Paulaner Premium Pils (another barley beer), Franziskaner Hefe Weissbier (Wheat and has a banana smell, i don't know if that was supposed to be normal but apparently it was..)
We were also served Warm pretzels... 

And now for the food.. 
Baby Onion and Caramelised Beetroot Tartlet, Heirloom Tomato Salad, Chunky Chicken Terrine, Black Forest Ham and Flammenbrot
Chunky Chicken Terrine, Black Forest Ham and Flammenbrot
Heirloom Tomato Salad
Heirloom Tomato Salad

Baby Onion and Caramelised Beetroot tartlet
the Biers
And for the main dishes, there were three options; the chicken tarragon sausages, the lamb shanks or the Hofbrau Dunkel braised Beef Cheeks... The waiter would just spread these dishes amongst all of us, and we could swap with whoever we wanted to, if we wanted to... I received the Chicken Tarragon Sausages, and to be truthful at first I wanted to try the Beef Cheeks... But after taking a bite of the sausages, may first impression prove me wrong.. I thought it would just be another chicken sausage.. 
Chicken Tarragon Sausage with spatzle, caramelised spring onion and salsa verde
A close up of the Chicken Tarragon Sausage with spatzle, caramelised spring onion and salsa verde

Spatzle; german pasta

Hofbrau Dunkel Braised Beef Cheeks served with sweet potato and ginger mash
I had a try of the Braised Beef Cheeks and although the portion was not as big as the rest, but the taste makes you forget about the portion... 
Lamb Shanks with rosemary, thyme and garlic, served with oven-baked potato with gruyere and speck
I also had a try of the Lamb shanks and I have to say, it was wonderful with the meat being able to fall off the bone easily and it was a big portion I might say when I saw it at first glance...

Beer Shots
After all of us had gobbled down of our mains, we had a chance to be Pure Bier Meisters may I say... We were given all given two different beer shots, of Aussie Beer and German Bier and then we would have to try and figure out which one was which...
Beer Shots
During the dessert or was it after, we had a chance to try another bier, it was 7.9% Paulaner Salvator which was a darker coloured beer..

Paulaner Salvator and all of the other Biers

the view from outside the restaurant
I would like to dine here again and have a try at their Bavarian Platter but it seems that these days, I've just been busy with things that stops me from going... So when I do, expect a re-visit post kay? And I would recommend this restaurant if you feel like a drink or two or even more and if you're a beer drinker... For the food, it was wonderful and would be highly recommended...

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