Harry's Cafe De Wheels, Hay St, Capitol Square, Haymarket, Sydney CBD - my name is Food.

Harry's Cafe De Wheels, Hay St, Capitol Square, Haymarket, Sydney CBD

January 07, 2014

If you want street hot dog food that will remind you of those American TV shows where the actors would stroll down the path at the side of the road and grab themselves a hot dog, well, this is the place to go.. Yes, it did somehow reminded me of those TV shows, not sure why though.. Harry's Cafe De Wheels has been out and about since the early 1930s with their 'pies and peas' and 'crumbed sausages' being the popular food back then.. 

Excuse the blurry pictures, was quite entertained for some reason when the guy started making our hot dog.. Okay, they serve a variety of different type of pies, sausage rolls and hot dogs.. Although their biggest range are their pies.. At first we were going to get the "Harry's Cheese Dog" which had their continental viennese smoked frankfurt served with cheese sauce or grated cheese, and we were going to add extra onions (coz i'm a crazy onion lover..)
But....... when I saw their "Hot Dog De Wheels", I thought why not just get that.. doesn't look too bad... It came with continental viennese smoked frankfurt served with mushy peas, chilli con carne, garlic onions, cheese sauce and chilli sauce.. Ok, I had to admit, it did sound like a mouthful, but maybe I was hungry so I just said get that one instead.. and so we did, and oh boy, maybe we should have sticked with the Cheese dog.. 
It was humongous (for me..) and eating it became messy... specially, this was kinda breakfast for me somehow, or brunch.. so it was indeed a mouthful, and people were going and buying their brekky side of food.. and here we are with the whole deal.. Overall was yummy those I'm not a chilli eater, so the chilli sauce did get to me a bit.. But the mushy peas and the frankfurt, garlic onions and cheese sauce was yummy indeed and was such a good combination.. Just messy eating.. remember that next time when you're about to order it..

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