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Makoto, Liverpool St, Sydney CBD

January 10, 2014

Was feeling like sushi at night and wasn't sure where to go when I found Makoto through urbanspoon and decided to give it a try.. Ended up having to wait about 10minutes or so for seats since it was so packed with people and also queues too... Seatings are available on the sushi train or on the tables and we chose the tables which would mean a longer wait than the seats on the sushi train.. We couldn't be bothered trying to look for other restaurants or sushi places so we decided to stay and patiently wait..

Although the continuous queues and the restaurant filled with sushi eaters, the sushi was just okay to me, nothing special, just ordinary.. The eel that came out was just simple and the taste was just ordinary.. The next sushi that we had was filed with crabstick, avocado and cucumber topped with aburi salmon, fish roe and mayo.. It was yum but nothing special..
We had this seaweed topped sushi filled with cucumber, eel and egg which was quite interesting and I quite liked it even if it was simple.
Jellyfish sushi
This was the weird sushi I have to call it, it had cooked tuna and raw tuna as well in it.. with a hint of chilli topped on top.. Overall, if you want sushi train in the city, yes, you can try it here.. but don't expect fine dining or high end restaurant styled sushi.. 

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