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Char Char Yiros, West End, Brisbane

June 05, 2014

It's been awhile since I've gone out for Greek food, and what better way to go out and book a table (in advance) to Char Char Yiros. At first, I wasn't sure whether to book Char Char Yiros or Lefkas or even Little Greek, but made up my mind and here it is.. Bookings do tend to get full quickly so I would recommend booking in advance in any of these three Greek restaurant as you can probably tell when you walk around West End, they are usually packed as when you walk past..

Their counter/kitchen, though cashier is at the back.. Usually covered in smoke..
Various ingredients in their glass display
'Kourambiedes' Greek Almond Biscuits available on counter
We ordered the 'Meze Dinner' ($26) which consists of a combination of charcoal lamb, chicken with sheftalia and falafel all served with greek salad, hand cut chips, pita bread, gilled haloumi and yogurt garlic sauce. I think that although this may be a one person's meal, this can also definitely be a meal for two if you're not that hungry.
The greek salad was fresh with the spinach, feta cheese, tomato and olives. A greek salad is always one of the simplest salads and I would prefer this salad than a garden salad, well, caesar salad is always good too..
The steel plates used were used for both the greek salad and the meats. The meats were all crammed into one steel plate, but it didn't matter, presentation didn't matter since I would prefer taste over presentation sometimes.. There was only 1 of the falafel and sheftalia which made us share them but we had no problem with that. The charcoal lamb and chicken was nicely done though sometimes it could have been a bit dry for some and the fact that they mixed it all in the steel plate made it seem like it was just the same meat though I know they do taste differently and their texture is too, it just made it some what bland after awhile.

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