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Boncafe, Surabaya, Indonesia

June 02, 2014

Boncafe Steak & Ice Cream is one of the many restaurants offering Western food at a somewhat affordable price. They specialise in steaks that focuses on quality and price. Though it cannot be compared to upper-class western restaurants, this restaurant and branches around the city has been serving since 1977. Serving steaks on hot plates, 

'Lumpia Basah' (Rp20k = AUD$2) which is basically like spring rolls but not fried, and no, not like those Vietnamese rice paper rolls either. It is wrapped in a crepe-like skin filled with meat and vegetables. A simple dish but a nice way to start lunch. They always have spring onions, pickles, chilli and sauce on the side.
'Fried Chicken Skin' (Rp20k = AUD$2) is definitely a winner, though fattening. Yes.. simple chicken skin fried in oil and served with a side of sauce. A simple but delicious entree to start the meals.
Not too sure what the burger's name was but this was just your typical cheeseburger. Served with a side of a slice of tomato and lettuce which I don't think was quite needed since it didn't seem to be like a salad, but more as a garnish. Chips were also given at the side, but only a few. Though the burger bun was soft, the meat patty was surprisingly not too bad.
'Spring Chicken' (Half size: Rp36k = AUD$3.6) which is basically baby chicken marinated with pepper and salt, served with chips and steamed vegetables. One of the most popular simple dishes offered in the restaurant. Serving size can either be 1 whole chicken or 1/2 size. When it is about to be served, they do pour brandy on the chicken and they do light it up causing it to flame for abit. Steamed vegetables and the chips did not have any sauce on the side but I guess, people seemed to be happy with that. The chips weren't quite crispy and were abit soggy.
'Tornado Steak' which was steak wrapped in bacon, served with a side of steamed cubed vegetables and fries. Quite disapointed in this as it seemed as the steak was just a thin slice of steak fillet, though the bacon was not as fresh nor scrumptious as in Australia, I couldn't blame them I guess. 
The fries weren't fried nicely making them a bit soggy, and they could have maybe left it in the frier for a bit longer to make it crispier.The steamed vegetables did not have any sauce which made it plain to eat, though there is a sauce on the side which I think was gravy which you could pour on the dish.

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