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Chur Burger, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

December 01, 2014

All the buzz about Chur Burger hyped up as soon as they opened their doors at the bottom of the new Tryp hotel in the Valley. With an anticipation through the social media pics, and also our never-ending burger adventure, we ventured out to Chur one night, to try it. A branch from Sydney, the much acclaimed Chur Burger has finally stepped into Brisbane soil, and maybe make a name for itself here too..

Though it may seem like table service were offered, you would be seated to your tables and when you were done deciding what to order, you would have to go up to the bar to order. Food was given to your table, however as for drinks, if you ordered it at the bar at the time you order both your food and drinks, your drinks would be presented and you would have to carry them yourself to your table.
Graffiti wall when you step out of the restaurant next to the bar.
'Sweet Potato Fries' ($8) came with lime and garlic salt with garlic aioli. One look at it, and what seems to be chunky cuts of sweet potato, however, did not look crunchy, and may be soggy. The sweet potato fries lacked its crispiness on the outside, though on the inside, it is quite heavy as it is sweet potato. The garlic aioli was also just okay, and the garlic itself did not stand out and munching on the sweet potato fries was enough for flavour. Too much salt was added to the fries, making me having to dust some off it.
Having some trouble deciding which burgers to order, we chose 'Crispy Pork Belly with chilli caramel, slaw and aioli' ($10) and O-M-G, was it worth it. Especially for its price tag? Come on, you can't say no. The burger itself had the right combination, its simplicity and texture too. The chilli caramel and the slaw blended in well with the sauce oozing out in every bite.
The pork belly was definitely well done, crispy skin and moist meat, though there was still a chunk of fat which took quite a bit of the meat but it was okay, since it didn't make you sick, again due to the combination of the simple slaw and aioli.
Second burger was also pork (not sure why we both ordered pork, they were the ones that caught our eyes..). 'Pulled pork with Chur BBQ sauce, red slaw and fennel mayonnaise' ($10) was quite interesting but did not beat the crispy pork belly. The red slaw added a bit of colour to the slight light colour of the pulled pork as the Chur BBQ sauce and mayo kicked in, however the fennel was not distinct enough.
A definite must-try eatery if you love your burgers. Though this may too porky for some of you, maybe try the other burgers on offer.

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