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Ramen Champion, Sunnybank, Brisbane

December 05, 2014

Ramen Champion is one of the few places focusing on Ramen located in Sunny Park just opposite Market Square in Sunnybank. Although one thought of mine was whether they could top the existing Ramen places.. The place from the front, does not really attract nor does its interior, no Japanese influence at all.

Light wooden coloured tables, metal chairs, rough floor throughout.
Each table has these condiments (chilli powder and soy sauce) incl. a wooden chopstick holder
'Miso Champion' ($10.9) was a Miso Pork bone soup ramen with vegetable and flame grilled pork slices. The vegetables were a spoonful of corn, a bit of cabbage, beansprouts, a half boiled egg yolk and also bits of spring onions.
Although the pork bone soup was quite light, the soup itself was nice. However, when it comes to the flame grilled pork slices, I found it to be very small in portion. It seemed as if it was only a 2 strips, and they did not melt in your mouth, nor did it fill you up.
'Champion Ramen' ($9.9) is a pork bone soup with vegetables and flame grilled pork slices. Again, the vegetables was the same as the previous ramen but minus the corn but in addition it had a few bamboo shoots inside. The egg was done nicely but the pork slices again was dissapointing.
The photo makes it seem like it may be alot, but it was only 2 slices and did not fill nor did it make you feel that tingleness after having melting meat in your mouth. The pork bone soup was nice and thick, being abit different than the rest of the Ramen places.

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