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Riverbar & Kitchen, Riparian Plaza, Eagle Street Pier, Brisbane CBD

February 11, 2015

Riverbar Kitchen, on the Promenade level of Riparian Plaza in Eagle St Pier precinct, giving you views of the Story Bridge, what a view.. I have always enjoyed waterfront views when it comes to dining and living, especially when the weather is nice and the sun isn't scorching on you like a laser beam. Owned by celebrity chef and restaurateur Matt Moran, you wouldn't doubt the food nor the interior and ambience.. Well, sometimes you would but I guess it depends on first impressions and location..
Timber furnishings, white painted timber walls..
Open 7 days a week, offering breakfast through to dinner, snacks and sides available also, no wonder it's usually quite busy during weekend brunch times and weekday lunches, oh and don't forget friday and saturday nights as well. It has such a casual atmosphere but the fact that it has that waterfront view makes it seem abit more than just casual.. Seatings are available indoor and outdoor but do watch out for the bright sun during brunch when you sit out the front, since there are only so much coverage, you might just have to shift a bit here and there while you're eating..
Absolutely love this nautical atmosphere, with the draping thick ropes and hanging lights.
You do have to order at the counter, self service water up front too.
As we took a seat on one of the outdoor tables, we started off with our coffees as we waited for our food to arrive, Cappuccino (Reg: $4, Lrg:$4.6) and Flat White (Reg: $4, Lrg: $4.6). It was just okay, nothing special, though a bit runnier than I would have liked my coffees to be.
'Bacon and Egg Jaffle' ($10), a jaffle is a toasted sandwich which is traditionally made in a jaffle iron (or some may call it a sandwich toaster), where the edges are sealed to allow the fillings to be more than just a spread of jam to melt. Presented on a piece of newspaper-print paper, it wasn't as eye-catching nor did it look quite tasty.
Yes, it is a simple dish, but maybe I would have expected more of it or a nicer presentation for the price. I just felt as if I could just make my own sandwich and place it in a sandwich press and ta-da... here it is.. It would have been nicer maybe if the egg wasn't boiled, it might have been better if it was scrambled or maybe just a fried egg. I found that having boiled egg in a jaffle with bacon, didn't really blend in well. It just felt funny somehow..
'Quesadilla, mushroom, rosemary, fontina' ($17) was the first dish that caught my eye when we were finding somewhere to sit... It was such a pretty sight to not try, well that's what I thought when I saw it. The portion was quite big and I was not able to finish it at the end, though I tried to eat slowly but nope, couldn't finish it.
It was quite a rather light dish, however I found it to filling near the end maybe after having 2.5 quarters of the quesadillas. The fillings were a nice combination between the mushroom, rosemary and fontina as the rosemary didn't have that strong taste and smell and the fontina, which is a type of cow milk's cheese originating from Italy is a hard cheese, the strong and the taste aren't as strong as your other cheese types as it has just a mild flavour, was present but it just didn't give me a kick in the dish..
I found that the edges were just crispy as the fillings weren't filled up till the edges which made it quite boring biting off the edge.. (incomparable but.... unlike pizza crust, for some reason, maybe of the dough, just makes you want to eat it all even if there are no sauce or toppings present). The red cabbage, rocket and shredded parmesan was a nice touch for the side but I found it quite bland since it had no sauce or dressing on them. However, when eaten together with the quesadilla, you may find it to be a nice combination.

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