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Vroom + Jocelyn's Provisions, James St, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

February 27, 2015

It was rather a nice afternoon to have a coffee and cake moment, though we had a walk around James St looking at all the other cafes and restaurant, some were rather full whilst some were quite empty.. We were thinking of going to Campos, Gerards or At Sixes and Seves, well, there were just too many options. I wanted to get something sweet to nibble on and so we went to Jocelyn's Provisions..

 A 'Pecan and Chocolate Brownie' ($5.7) was a buttery chocolate brownie with crunchy pecan pieces topped with white chocolate ganache. Laid my eyes on it when we walked in but it just looked very very sweet, which it was. The chocolate brownie was very buttery with lots of crunchy pecan pieces which melts in your mouth when bitten. It was very moist and an easy comforting food, however the white chocolate ganache was much sweeter than I thought it would have been, maybe even without it, I would have also liked it.
The closest cafe from Jocelyn's was Vroom Bistro. There were many dining there and a few having coffee. Since we just couldn't be bothered walking back to where we were going to originally, and it was rather getting quite hot, we opted to try here since we haven't tried Vroom before anyway. We sat down but the tables seemed to still be quite messy with the previous diner's food. We tried getting the waiter's attention but they seemed to only be lingering around or just trying to avoid eye contact. When we did catch an attention, all we received was a short reply stating that they will be right back or they will be with us in a minute. But there, after a minute, five minutes etc, they still didn't come. We ended up going up to the counter to order and telling them again to please clean our tables. So, customer service? A no for me..
We ordered two coffees, a Flat White and an Ice Mocha.. The coffees were well made, not runny, strong coffee, just they way we liked it. Even the mocha, it didn't have cream or just because I ordered it without cream and it was just a simple refreshing drink to have on a hot afternoon.

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