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The Eatery on Jonson, Byron Bay, Australia

August 11, 2015

Waking up early in the morning just to drive down from Brissy to Byron Bay kind of makes you go all woozy if you haven't had your cup of coffee let's say, or haven't had that pancake for breakfast. There was a slight delay in going up the summit though, why? The gate was closed!! So, there was traffic around the end of the road, right before the gates area to go in. We could see people getting dropped off and doing a U-turn because the parking was full up there already. I do have to say they really need extra parking because it's hideous. Only a few cars can fit and how many people come down every morning? Of course there were joggers and runners around too that would jog up or walk up the hill to get to the summit area. 

It took us a while trying to figure out what to do with the chaos up there too, then some of us got out of the car and walked down to see if there were any closeby parking nearby and yes, we found it. A dirt area that didn't say a 'No Parking' sign which I probably would have guessed it's used for parking, can even fit maybe 2 mini buses? So, we walked up again and started driving down.. Having two cars with us means, we needed to find two parkings but ye, in the end. We got it, all sorted, even the other cars started to follow us too. We just hoped we won't get a fine that's all. Anyway, after watching and enjoying the sunrise and also mucking around from the summit in Cape Byron State Conservation Park, we headed down to town to see what was open and to get those grumbling tummies of ours filled up with delicious goodness.
We parked in one of the side parking in town and started to wander around. Some shops were still closed but when we saw The Eatery on Jonson opened, we had a little peek at their menu and we all agreed to have breakfast here. As we entered, the first thing I saw was that in the kitchen, they were baking up new croissants. Sadly, they weren't ready yet and there were none that were so we couldn't order them.
Love this idea of making it into a table, but not sure if it'll hold much food up there..
I quite liked the place, it had a vintage touch, wooden inspired but also very artsy in a way with the paintings hung on the walls were all for sale too. No, not the bikes you can see down below. But the ideas of using vintaged and unique pieces to create an ambience is nice. I also quite enjoyed how they have paired everything nicely, contrasted and they do match. I really don't like restaurants that tries to match up too much and it becomes all not very good-looking and just ruins it for me, the whole experience, atmosphere and all. Although not everyone agrees and do like it, but not for me.
From the front of the restaurant, it does look quite small but when you keep walking towards the back, it actually has a little parking too at the back but ye, we parked in front. Didn't really matter. As you can see, they had picked unique and combinations of wooden and added a touch of modern into it too and worked well even if some pieces may have been very outdated but it worked.
'Breakfast Roll' ($9) was a good old bacon, egg, leaves (spinach), relish and aioli. The way they presented it was puting the burger or the roll as they call it, in the middle and a smart idea of filling the plate without making the whole dish look lonely with just a burger in the middle of a big round plate, was to put the relish around it. I think it was a light pesto since it didn't seem too thick or too strong either.
As you can probably tell, they were generous with the aioli which is nice to have sauce that actually is for the whole burger and not just the middle, leaving you with bites without sauce and bites with sauce. The fried egg was different as usually you would get poached or scrambled and the bacon was pan fried well, but they could have given more bacon I reckon. Overall, the dish was enjoyable to eat and made it a good start of the day..
Now, I remember this as the 'Egg Benedict' however in their current menu, they did change a bit of it I think or maybe I got one of their specials of the day. Furthermore, a poached egg, bacon, rocket and hollandaise sauce on top of a a slice of toasted sourdough bread.
The only downside to this dish was the toasted sourdough. It was either too thin and they have toasted it longer than it should making it hard to slice through which in the end, you would most likely have to pick it up with your finger. It would have been much better if the sourdough was thicker. Other than that, the hollandaise sauce was not too strong and had the right amount of vinegar and texture. Poached egg was poached beautifully and the bacon was fried well. The rocket gave it that extra touch which combined well with the rest of the dish.
I would definitely come again, it would be nice if the croissants were available though since they weren't ready when we came and when we were leaving after we finished our meal.

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