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Boom Boom Burger, Chevron Island, Gold Coast

August 02, 2015

The American trend is really hitting it down under. Boom Boom Burger is located on Surfer Paradise's Chevron Island. A dozen of burger choices which also includes your salads and sides, oh and good drinks too, burgers and beer is always a match made in heaven. If you're not a burger person, then do try their Hot Dogs. Their curated collection of craft beers, wine and cocktails allows you to drink and enjoy both the food and drinks, all in one place.

I received an Invitation to try the new joint out however, since I was busy with uni, I came in at the end of June. Hearing that it has a diner style but also a French Twist makes me the more excited to try. Oh, and have I mentioned that it also has a touch of gastronomy?

As you can probably tell, its unique interior allows you to dine in a somewhat American influenced atmosphere. Their imagery of the drums is to enforce that dining should be theatrical and dramatic. I quite liked their idea of using birdcages as an outer casing for their lights, using multi coloured stools but also have a choice of chairs or red sofas. 
Although it has its uniqueness dating from back to the 1940s they said, they do have a casual feel with a comic book strip wall, three coloured bull's head being hung high on a brick wall and the tables were also spaced nicely. It does get annoying when you sit so close to other diners next to you. It was rather quiet when we came with only a few tables filled but nevertheless, it seems that everyone was enjoying their meals.
Budweisers ($5)
As we looked through the menu, I wasn't sure of what to order. It seems that they have a few things that I would love to try. What I was surprised was that they not only have a selection of mouthwatering burgers but also hot dogs, salads and tapas too. Their drink list was also on point offering everything and anything that is able to cater to all diners which I find great to see when you enter a restaurant. The waitress was more than happy to suggest and recommend a few of their signature dishes. It was good to also see that she knew the food, not only just by memorising it or knowing it from the paper but was able to explain it to us when we had a question or two.
Puff Potatoes ($6) was one of the sides we decided to try. That was actually the first thing I saw and got excited to try. There were also hand cut chips and crispy fries but we thought that these were different and you could get fries elsewhere. When it finally arrived on our table, it was served neatly on a curved plate with a side of garlic aioli.
They reminded me of the Japanese crab cream croquettes at first but just simpler with no filling. They were really hot so do be careful when eating them because you might just burn your tongue. They were nicely crumbed and fried on the outside, fluffy on the inside. I did feel that they lacked a little bit of the seasoning and the garlic aioli was a nice sauce to dip it in but again, the garlic aioli for me could have had more garlic. But overall, I love these and would order them anytime again.
The second side we had were the Onion Rings ($6) since we both love Onion Rings and I tend to make them at home everytime he comes home from his out of town work. Actually, we have started to have this tendency in ordering Onion Rings in other restaurants to actually taste which are good and which aren't. They were presented beautifully in a cone shaped bowl and the portion was generous too. They were large round onion slices sliced thinly and coated with a thin tempura batter.
I found it to be a bit bland although cooked well, it also seems that the onions weren't as strong or as thick as it looked like. I liked the idea of using tempura batter instead of breadcrumbs or just flour. It wasn't the best Onion Rings but it also wasn't the worst, but Onion Rings will always be Onion Rings, yummy and fun to eat.
The first burger we ordered was the restaurant's signature burger and I wondered why. I had seen pictures online of a burger being covered in smoke but I just wasn't sure of how good the burger itself would be. You can see what happens in the following pictures below;
It was quite fun and exciting to see the waiter coming to your table and place the dome shaped glass filled with thick smoke and opening it slowly right infront of you. It just makes you wonder all these imaginations of gastronomy, willy wonka and etc etc.. or maybe that's just me.
Now, the Smoking Hot ($16) arrived beautifully and elegantly presenting itself with a Smoked 150 days old aged beef, mushrooms, cucumber, spinach, cheddar cheese and their secret sauce. Just by looking at it, I knew that this would be one bloody delicious tasting burger, and it was. The succulent beef was seasoned well and tender topped with fresh ingredients is a delight to eat. There was a smoky flavour amongst it too which is quite interesting.
My first reaction was the bun. I have this thing against hard thick cut burger buns, I understand it just personal preference, I love my buns to be crusty or slightly grilled but soft on the inside. This, was just glorious. Why? Their toasted brioche buns gave me just what I love as a bun. I could eat it by itself even.. However, although the toasted brioche buns gave it that extra touch however, the only problem was it was hard eating it by grabbing the burger by your two hands and getting a bit out of it. The top bun was perfect, however the bottom bun seemed to have absorbed all the sauce and juices of the ingredients and have became quite soggy and not a good base to eat a burger on. So everytime you would try and grab it with your two hands, you would find yourself with soggy bottom bun with the sauce gooing all over your hands. That is my only concern with the burgers.
I usually like to try the different, interesting dishes out of a menu when trying a new restaurant, but sometimes there are times when you just stick to the basics because that is the underlying result of the good and bad of a restaurant and their food. Some may be able to produce good basic and traditional food well, but some may not do as well. He had a lot of choices from the menu, but he chose Boom Boom Bang ($10) which I guess is somehow equivalent to your Cheeseburger but with plus plus.. well, that was how I saw it. I wasn't sure why he chose that as I would have liked to try the Drunken Cow or the Pig Me Up but I guess he wanted to try if they could nail your good ol' beef burger.
The Boom Boom Bang had Wagyu beef, beetroot, homemade tomato sauce, carameliised red onion, cheese and lettuce. Rather simple is it not? The succulent wagyu beef combined well with the beetroot and caramelised red onions. I have to say that I really enjoyed eating and taking every bite of their beef because you could just taste the good quality. The lettuce seems to have been overpowered by the other elements, the cheese was melted on top of the beef which I didn't mind as some cheese just gets placed on top of the patty usually. The beetroot is always scary when eaten because you never ever want to get beetroot splatter on yourself. A simple burger goes a long way.
Another issue with this burger was the bottom bun. As you can see from the above photo how on the plate itself, there is already residue of the sauce and juices of the meat which then gets absorbed by the bottom bun, finally making it not as hard or a stable foundation for a burger. Yes, again it did get soggy and was hard to be picked up by your hands and grabbing a bite of it neatly without the sauce or juices drooling on the side.
A favourite? I can't really choose actually, I liked both in their own ways. But if it's your first time trying, then I would suggest to get the Smoking Hot. Don't forget to get the puff potatoes too by the way! That's a definite must. I would definitely come down to GC just for these burgers again, I haven't found anything like this in Brissie sadly. Relaxing down and eating good burgers and chuggling down a cold beer, what more can you ask for?

*mynameisFood. was invited by Boom Boom Burger & Bar to dine and try their menu. An amount was given as a limit and anything exceeding the limit was paid by us. All opinions are my own as always.

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