Crop to Cup Exclusives Launch by Di Bella Coffee, Bowen Hills Roasting Warehouse, Brisbane - my name is Food.

Crop to Cup Exclusives Launch by Di Bella Coffee, Bowen Hills Roasting Warehouse, Brisbane

March 25, 2016

Let me start by telling you a brief introduction about Di Bella Coffee... What started as a small coffee roasting operation in Brisbane in 2002 has become Australia's largest specialty coffee roaster. From blending to roasting and also distributing daily from their head office, it ensures that the coffee they supply are the finest coffee available and the freshest roasted specialty coffee. Crop to Cup is Di Bella's raw coffee purchasing program, meaning its dedication of ongoing sourcing the high quality and premium coffee beans. This allows them to source 100% of its raw coffee beans directly from the farmer. This is why by drinking Di Bella Coffee allows you to have the Ultimate Coffee Experience.
Start here and make your way through the next and the next stalls, learning about the beans and how various different ways of roasting and also presenting it whether filtered or grind may result in different taste and flavour.
It's rather interesting how the coffee beans are plain white and pale in colour at first before roasting.
The Chemex and The Plunger methods of brewing the beans.
The V60 Pour Over way of brewing the beans will give you a different taste and flavour.
Flourish Superfood cafe was also a part of this event, allowing everyone to have a taste of their acai bowls.

A snack cup of acai, coconut crisps and thin slices of banana. A healthy start to the day.
There is a little store inside for those who would like to buy coffee accessories or filters and even coffee machines.
Having a cafe inside allows you to order coffee as well as some nibbles and takeaway food.
Buy your own tea leaves, tea bags, tins or even your own teapots.
*mynameisFood. was invited as guest to attend the event by Di Bella coffees, as usual, all opinions are my own.

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