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Maru Korean BBQ Restaurant, Elizabeth St, Brisbane CBD

March 17, 2016

Maru has now expanded to 2 floors for those who haven't been there yet after their renovation. Came through lunchtime as we wanted something quick but simple, yet we all realised the easiest would be Korean food. As we waited in line and gosh, there were so many people waiting in line so we thought that if we don't get our table in 15 minutes, then we would just go elsewhere. It was rather noisy too I might add. Luckily, we were called after about 10 minutes and received our table on the lower floor of the restaurant.
'Teriyaki Bibimbap in Stone Bowl' ($12.8) where you can choose your sauce and topping which includes Teriyaki or Curry sauce and a choice of Deep fried chicken, deep fried pork or fried tofu. Above is the Deep fried chicken with teriyaki sauce. Portion wise was enough for me although I did find that there was a lot of rice at the bottom but the amount of the deep fried chicken was a sufficient amount. The teriyaki sauce can get a bit boring but the addition of spring onions, sesame seed and mayo allows the dish to be its own bringing out the creaminess from the mayo when mixed all together, you are able to taste the crunchy fried chicken pieces as well as warm rice and somewhat a cream teriyaki sauce.
'Ziggle Bulgogi' ($9.9) is just your typical classic marinated beef and onion dish. The only difference is that it is served on a stone plate which keeps the dish hot and sizzling while you continue to eat. This dish do come with a bowl of rice and here is a tip if you would like to.. Get a few spoonfuls of rice and put with the Bulgogi dish and mix it altogether so that your warm rice can absorb the marination and sauce whilst also allowing your rice to stay warm. The bulgogi was cooked well and the amount is just right for a lunch meal. The addition of spring onions on top allows the dish to bring out more colour.

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