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Fat Noodle, Treasury Casino, Brisbane CBD

August 30, 2016

Conveniently located in the Treasury Casino building, it allows easy access for events or gatherings even just for a quick lunch or dinner with family and friends. Luke Nguyen has created this restaurant to be a place where people can come and enjoy the traditional family recipes from South East Asia to the table although the main dish of the restaurant would be their 20 hour Fat Pho Noodles, their Fiery Laksa and Vietnamese Chicken Salad.

'Crispy Calamari with Thai Salad' (AUD$14) was a light and simple dish to order when you're not feeling to eat quite as much. Panko fried crumbed calamari served with shredded cabbage, tomato with a Sweet and Sour dressing. Although it did seem like a good idea at the time to eat less that night, the dish itself actually came bigger than I thought it would be.

There were about 5-6 large panko crumbed fried calamari topped with crushed peanuts and there were also fresh chilli cuts on the shredded cabbage. Most of the sauce did lie at the bottom of the bowl so make sure you give it a good mix before eating it. If not, it will seem like eating a plain no dressing salad. If you don't like chilli as much like myself, do try and take as much of the fresh chilli slices out of the dish itself and place it on the paper menu place mat or elsewhere you see fit before mixing the salad. The Panko fried calamari was definitely the highlight of this dish being thick and nicely thinly crumbed.

'Chicken Pad Thai' (AUD$18) is a classic Thai dish that consists of thin rice noodles with chicken breast, peanuts, bean sprouts and eggs. What intrigued me was that it wasn't as dark as the other Pad Thai dishes I have had before as well the crumbed peanuts and the bean sprouts were placed on top and on the side along with a wedge of lemon. Usually, they would all be mixed together while it is being stir fried in the pan.

As for the Pad Thai itself, I did think that it lacked the punch even if it did look pretty in its presentation. By squeezing a little of the lemon onto the dish and mixing it altogether along with the peanuts and bean sprouts, it felt that it needed abit more soy sauce to enhance its flavour. Overall it was alright but not extraordinary..

One thing I do have to say is that sometimes trying to get the attention of the waiters to top up your water or refilling your tea is a bit hard as they sometimes wander around other areas of the restaurant and I have had experiences where they seem to walk past you or avoid eye contact.

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