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Pandan Village, Galaxy Mall, Surabaya, Indonesia

August 12, 2016

The word 'Pandan' comes from the Pandan leaf, a natural Indonesian flora which is widely known for its naturalness and beauty as well as smell. Although many has said this restaurant tend to be quite similar to Linkafe in Tunjungan Plaza Mall, I have heard that the food are very similar in terms of menu both in food and its beverages. Although Linkafe has always been a favourite of mine, I don't bias Pandan Village to be a dupe though many may say so. Pandan Village offer authentic Indonesian dishes as well as drinks.

'Asem-Asem Iga Sari Kuning (Ribs Sour Soup)' (IDR62k = ~AUD$6.2) is a sour based soup which incorporates Beef ribs with tomato as well as other herbs and spices to give it that distinct flavour. The beef ribs was very tender being off the bone easily and the soup itself had its own strong flavour of sourness which actually was more sour than I thought it would be. Sour food lovers would love it, but for those who don't really enjoy sour food, then the soup may not suit you.

'Tahu Telor (Tofu Omelette)' (IDR33k = ~AUD$3.3) is a very old and classic dish of Indonesia which is basically a simple omelette with its main element being Tofu. The tofu used here was very soft and with the slightly sweet peanut sauce poured on top served with prawn crackers as well as pickled cucumbers allowed the dish to be a very pleasant one, especially when eaten with rice.

'Opor Ayam (Braised Chicken in Coconut Milk Curry)' (IDR38k = ~AUD$3.8) is another traditional Indonesian dish which is basically an Indonesian Chicken Curry you may call it. Although the differences is with the usualy other chicken curry you may have had is that the chicken is shredded, braised in coconut milk and usually topped with some fresh chilli as well as coriander and fried onions. I did think that the portion of this dish was rather small as well as lack of sauce/soup. Usually with the usual Opor Ayam, the curry soup/sauce is the one that hits your tongue and leaves that sensational smell and flavour. It would've been great if they weren't selfish with serving the curry as it just wasn't enough which made some of the chicken dry in the end.

'Dadar Jagung (Indonesian Corn Fritters)' (IDR36k = ~AUD$3.6) is one of my favourite snacks or side dish you may call it to order when going to Indonesia. Although Aussie corn fritters is very different, I have to say that Indonesian Corn fritters are just simply the best, much much better than the Aussie ones.. Using real corn as well as sometimes combined with mushed up fresh corn, mixed together with flour and herbs and spices and deep fried to create a golden deep fried corn fritter. Crunchy on the outside but very moist on the inside and with every bite, you are able to taste the many chunks of corn inside it.

'Tumis Jagung (Stir Fried Corn)' is a dish where it consists of mainly corn with various vegetables including onions, spring onions as well as capsicum. This is great when eaten with rice and its sauce is a simple soy based but it isn't as sweet but instead more towards the saltier side.

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