Gotham City Cafe, Movie World, Gold Coast, Australia - my name is Food.

Gotham City Cafe, Movie World, Gold Coast, Australia

November 22, 2016

Movie World is always a fun place to go with family and friends, and with all the rides and all the entertainment you get makes you sometimes forget about eating. There are about 13 different cafes, restaurants, snacks eateries where you can have a sit down and dine or just simply takeaway food. Whether it may be fresh artisan bread filled with smoked pastrami or having a brain freeze from Ben and Jerry's, you can find something that will make you hungry. As we were walking through looking for food to eat after finishing watching the must-watch Hollywood Stunt Driver 2 show, we found ourself at Gotham City, the home of Batman.

'The Double Beef Burger' (AUD$14.90) was their Signature burger, hence, why we decided to order it. It had a double beef patty, double cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and their special sauce served with chips. Presented in a cardboard rectangular plate with a red and white checkered paper at the bottom. The chips was nicely fried although it seemed they used too much chicken salt or just the oil making the chips looking very yellow indeed. The burger was wrapped with a thin paper which was great as it separated the burger from the chips on the plate. The burger itself was surprisingly not too bad although it did lack a few things such as flavour in the sauce as it just tasted BBQ-ish. As for the beef patty, one was quite thick but the other was quite thin, not sure if it is usually like that or just the way they do it. A simple burger but fills you up quite well, worth a try if you're looking for a quick lunch to grab.

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