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Papa's Pancakes, Sunnybank, Brisbane

November 14, 2016

Still remembering back in the days when there was a humble pancake shop near the Formosa Asian market where I would order their hotcakes or danish fingers and nibble on them. They have now moved to a new spot in the plaza to a newer and refurbished stall with a bright red coloured sign as well as an open kitchen where you are able to watch them make your order.

It wasn't long after their opening when we spotted the new place and decided to order some on the way home. Although there was a line, we thought that it wouldn't be too long as others were getting their orders not long after ordering and the line was served quite quickly. After waiting in line for awhile, we finally got to the front and ordered both their pancakes and croissant fingers. We were told it would take about 10mins as they were still making them, so we waited. 10mins later.. 15mins later, we asked if our order is ready as some of the others that ordered after us were getting theirs before us. We were told that they were ordering the ones that was ready or had just finished, also whilst we were asking, the person in the counter was packing our Croissant fingers and told us that it was ready but not the pancakes. So we stood back to where we were waiting for our order as we stared at our Croissant fingers packed in a brown bag just sitting there, soon to be cold.

15mins later so 30mins in total, our order was not ready yet. Another question asked to the girl at the counter and she told us the same reason, that the hotcakes were not ready yet but very soon, only the croissant fingers were ready. I mentioned that many other people that ordered after us had already received their orders except us. Then she mentioned that one of the flavours that we ordered were not ready yet as they were making all the other flavours on the menu but the flavour we ordered although popular too was not ready to be put in the hotcake pan. I then said that we could've been told so that maybe we could change the flavour instead of having to wait for a long time. She kept saying that it would be ready soon and for us to wait a few minutes.. I told them that if the order isn't ready soon, I would rather cancel it than having to wait around for more than half an hour just for hotcakes and that I could just come again another time to buy them.

Another 5-10mins later, our number order was finally called and we received our order but sadly the croissant fingers weren't as hot as they should be as they have been just sitting there on the table waiting. Not a great experience to start with our first order from their new and refurbished venue..

Ordering their 'Green Tea w Red Bean', 'Coconut' and 'Custard' (AUD$1 each), not wanting to order our usual flavours turned out to be more of a hassle and a stressing time instead of being happy and excited to nibble on them. Nevertheless, we brought it home and ate it straightaway before it turns cold.

The coconut was not too bad but wouldn't be my favourite. The Green tea with red bean has another option of it being with custard but I did feel that the red bean was the better pick. It was all fluffy on the inside, perfectly shaped and made on the outside. I would recommend buying the cheese or chocolate, the peanut or the taro but of course, the others are equally as delicious..

'Croissant Fingers' (AUD$1.50 each or buy 4 and get 1 free) were crispy and flaky on the outside and fluffy inside. These danish or croissant fingers you may call them are always great if you're not a big fan of the hotcakes. Be careful though as they can be quite hot once you bite into them.

If customer service and estimates of time to when we were getting our orders were said to be at an adequate time, it would have been much better for both of us. I have never had any trouble before they moved to the new place and I hope to not have the same experience when I come back here again. If I do, I might just simply go elsewhere to buy hotcakes even if they have been my favourite since as long as I know it..

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