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Sonder Dessert - Sunnybank Hills, Brisbane

April 03, 2019

Since they opened, they've always been quite filled with those who enjoy matcha, japanese teas, asian desserts and just the buzz of the place. With only a few tables outside and a few more inside, it can get very busy especially at night and on weekends. Although I don't think you can call in advance to book, you'd just have to wait for tables or just end up taking away your drink orders.

Did not try the above as it wasn't outs but he did mention it was sweeter than expected. We bought a parfait to share between the two of us and I did feel that it was quite generous but one downside that I picked up straight away as soon as it arrived on our table was how small the tall glass was and how difficult it would be to share.

Corn flakes, wafer, matcha ice cream, read bean, herbal jelly, mochi and a few more bits and pieces. Trying to scoop up little by little or even the matcha ice cream itself made a mess everywhere. We needed to slowly wait until the matcha ice cream had melted before slowly pushing the others inside the glass so that when we do scoop it bit by bit, we are able to have a combination of this and that in every mouthful.

A suggestion would probably be to move this into a bigger glass or even a bowl so it is easier to eat or to share next time.

Flat White, the coffee was well made and not overpowered by the amount of milk, served with a butter biscuit. 

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