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Saiko Teppanyaki - Emporium, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

March 28, 2019

Teppanyaki scene has not hit it off at Brisbane as much as other restaurants offering grilling dishes. When entering Saiko, they had both indoor and outdoor seating which we chose outdoor as the weather was quite nice that day.

For large groups, I think the best seating would probably the main teppanyaki area where you can watch the chefs preparing your meals right before your eyes. However, for couples, it comes down to personal preference as the main teppanyaki area would mean you will have a stranger next to you, whether that bothers you or not.

We opted for their lunch specials which was all teppanyaki based dishes and came with a side salad, miso soup and a bowl of steamed rice, along with two dipping sauces.

 Prawn and Chicken accompanied with a bowl of steamed rice and a lemon wedge on the side. This was cooked well with the vegetables still having the crunch. There was about three prawns and a whole heap of chicken pieces. The flavour had more a sweet and slightly salty taste however, I did find it a bit meh after a few spoonfuls. Maybe it was just the sweetness.

Yaki Udon with chicken was served with a variety of vegetables which I found to be a bit similar to the other dish' flavour. The udon noodles had the slight grill aftertaste which I quite enjoyed as it made it feel more of an authentic teppanyaki grill instead a stir fry. The amount of vegetables were quite good with having zucchini, onions, red cabbage, white cabbage, mushrooms and carrots.

Although I did not have a truly bad experience here, I am unsure whether I would come back and order their lunch specials but I would try their normal dishes. But in a way, am thinking that the flavours could just be exactly the same again.

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