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Grill'd Southbank, South Brisbane, Brisbane

February 19, 2012

Grill'd .. The Healthy Burgers.. as they like to call it.. Sells gourmet burgers ranging from Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Veggie or Steak.. along with Snack burgers which are smaller burgers when that tummy of ours isn't looking for much.. and they also have hot chips and salads.. 
This is their "Crispy Bacon and Cheese" Beef Burger.. For the buns, you can choose from two different types, the Panini (the one on the photo) or the Traditional (wholemeal blend).. I prefer the Panini because of the flour on top.. Not sure why.. which has Grilled 100% lean beef, crispy trim bacon, tassty cheese, salad, relish and herbed mayo.. I have to say, one of the things I end up coming back to Grill'd is for their herbed mayo.. I am a fan of mayo, but after I found out how mayo was made and how much oil, I wasn't a big fan but was still a fan ... did that make sense? But anyway.. ye, when you're over at Grill'd you could always get their herbed mayo for extra if they don't already put it in your burger or if you wanted it as a dip, you could also get it as a dip.. 
For the chips, have to definitely try them .. you know how usually in Fish and Chip Shops or McDonalds and that, they usually just give you shoestring chips or maybe those big fish and chip's chips and just have chicken salt or just salt on them? Well, in Grill'd they have thick-cut chips cooked in cholestrol free oil and then sprinkled with their trademark Grill'd herb mix.. I know Nandos have their Peri Peri chips, but Grill'd have their herbs.. It's funny how there seems to be those places where you can only get a specific type of meal or food ..

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