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A Salt and Battery, Hawken Dr, St Lucia, Brisbane

February 07, 2012

 Down at Hawken Drive at St Lucia, where all the UQ students would walk down or go down by bus to have lunch or snack or even dinner .. you would see most of the restaurants filled with people during peak times.. and amongst all the restaurants in Hawken Drive, from the vietnamese to the japanese, from subway to coffee shops and from thai to ice creams.. there is a Fish and Chip shop that is next to the Japanese restaurant, Edamame, called "A Salt and Battery"..
Went down the other day and got their 'Plate for One'.. which you could choose from a variety of different seafood including, Atlantic Salmon, Barramundi, Snapper, Cod, Trout, Salt & Pepper Calamari, Butterfly Prawns and so much more and it will come with a salad of your choice, from Greek to Caesar to Garden and beer battered chips..
 Chose the Caesar Salad and Barramundi Crumbed.. and Greek Salad with the Barramundi Battered..
It is not just the fish that you have to try, but actually it is the beer battered fries that took me by surprise when I got introduced to it.. It wasn't like your typical normal everyday fish and chip shop's chips .. but even if it was just beer battered, they added herbs as well which makes it a little bit extra yummy.. I have to say though, their batter is also good, not too thick and not too thin.. Give it a try when you're down at St Lucia and feel like fish and chips..

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