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Taro's Ramen and Cafe, Adelaide St, Brisbane CBD, Brisbane

February 17, 2012

I have to say that in Brisbane, there is a lack of Japanese restaurants when compared to the restaurants in Sydney or Melbourne.. Japanese Restaurants and eat-outs can definitely fit your budget whether you're looking for cheap eats or average priced or the fine-dining.. Some Cheap eats would include places such as Hanaichi, Sushi sushi and those Japanese restaurants in Food courts you see... Whilst fine dining would include restaurants in the CBD or Portside or Gold Coast and so on, such as Sono, Oshin, Sake etc.. But in CBD, there's actually not much choices other than Hanaichi, Kadoya, Himawari, Ajisen, Sono or Oshin.. But, this place that is in Adelaide St, is not as easy to get to and as known to those in the inner city.. As you do have to do a little walking, and it is in Adelaide St.. I find it pretty easy to get to, but the other day when I tried directing my friend, they got somehow confused... Well, basically, if you're in adelaide st, go towards the post office square and keep walking walking until you come to a corner where you find a tall building and a bus stop just opposite a little eatery complex, and there it is ..... "Taros Ramen and Cafe" .. located right under the boeing house.. I shall say that this IS the BEST Ramen you can have in Brisbane.. =) from all the japanese restaurants I have tried~

Picked up the good guide book on my way here, but I didn't actually have the time to have a look at every restaurant they wrote about.. But i shall get reading.. There's a courtyard outside and there's an outside eating area under a veranda..
Menus had a variety of different dishes and drinks, but their Ramen are their Main dish in the restaurant.. They also serve Japanese curry but are only served and made for lunch.. I haven't tried it before, so I would want to come here at lunchtimes one day and try it.. Prices of Ramen are all under $15 unless you add extras~
"Chicken Karaage" are deep fried chicken which are marinated in a mixture of soy sauce, garlic and ginger and it is lightly coated and not the thick batter or coating you would usually get from fried chickens.. It is similar to Tempura but it's not..
I prefer karaage than katsu.. maybe it was because of the different texture in their coatings and the way they were marinated.. I just liked it more because the meat is usually softer than katsu where katsu may be sometimes a bit dry or such.. If not, then it's probably going to be the crispy batter that wins over my tastebuds..
Served with a slice of lemon and mayonnaise.. 
First Ramen that came out was the "Shio Ramen" which included their special 'Golden Triple Soup' which is a blend of vegetable, chicken and dried seafood broth, seasoned with salt and shallot and prawn oil is also added for extra flavour.. The noodles in this particular ramen was the thin curly noodles.. 
Toppings included their 'Salt Loin Charsiu' egg, bean sprouts, fried shallots, shallots and prawn powder..
Look at the egg... how wonderful it is when eggs are cooked half-boiled or similar.
Second Ramen was the "Tonkotsu Ramen" which was served with pickled ginger and takana pickles..
This is considered their 'Famous' Ramen as it has super rich stock which has been cooked for 2 days.. Have I told you that all these noodles are made inside? so they are actually all fresh made..? Taro himself makes it by using a machine from Japan.. So maybe it 's because the way it tastes, true Japanese Ramen..
Made with super rich stock made from 100& Bangalow Sweetpork Friend.. Noodles were different and weren't the thin and curly but were the Hakata Style Thin Straight Noodles.. Topped with charsiu, nori (seaweed), shallots and sesame..
One of the toppings that I absolutely love other than the egg would be the Charsiu.. I'm a big fan of pork if I may say, and charsiu is really soft and just melts in your mouth~~
Definitely should have a try when you're at the city.. imagine on a windy day or a cold day, you're sitting down chatting away sipping on delicious hot warm broth and slurping your noodles.. 

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