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Beijing House, Queen St, Brisbane CBD, Brisbane

March 25, 2012

Okay, I think I actually already have a Beijing House food blog, but I revisted the place again so I thought I would just share my photoes with you, even if it is from the same restaurant, but they are different dishes =) Beijing House in Queen Street is a Chinese restaurant which also has Yum Cha daily .. 
Located near the area before you cross from the Queen St area to the Casino .. It is on the left side of the Milano Cafe (the cafe/restaurant in the middle of the Queen St precint) ... Went here for Yum Cha at lunchtime with a friend as he wanted to treat me to lunch seeing that I've finished all of my exams hahah... The first dish up there was the shark fin dumplings..

 King  Prawns dumpling .. Dumpling skin was alright .. but I've had better dumpling skin ~~

Xiao Long Bao .. the dumpling with that watery inside ..
 I forgot what this was .. but I remembered it had pork inside .. it was alright i guess, i liked the pastry ... I really like pastry actually ... but the pork inside was abit dry for me ..
 Okay ... this is actually minced meatballs .. I usually don't order this during Yum Cha but my friend ordered it and when I tried it, it was pretty funny how the minced meatballs was actually really mincey... hahahh.. It was soft on the inside, really soft actually .. 
Last, chicken feet .. When I was young, everytime I went to Yum Cha, chicken feet would be one of the dishes that would be definitely ordered .. But nowadays, i'm not as in love with it as I was back then.. But overall, chicken feet will always be yummy .. It might look weird to alot of people, but actually, it is not as weird... People eat intestines, people eat cheeks, people eat brains .. so come on, chicken feet ain't that bad ~~
BBQ Pork in Hofan Roll ... served with soy sauce..
Steamed Sponge Cake ..

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