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Aspley Oriental, Aspley, Brisbane

March 28, 2012

 Went for Yum Cha in Aspley Oriental.. This place has been opened since I have no idea when, but even so, for some reason, there is still no other Yum Cha place in the northside .. unless I'm just the one not aware of it... Was actually hungry before we digged into the food, but for some reason, after 5 yum cha dishes, the feeling of being full started and so... it was just i guess, a short yum cha lunch..

 I am actually not sure of what this was, but I remembered it was like meat and seafood and vegetables wrapped with thick rice paper .. the filling which I thought was going to be just little, turned out to be heaps.. oh, and i did i mention that the dumplings at the very top is the prawn dumpling..
 This was pork and peanuts dumpling.. it was okay i guess, but i liked the prawn dumpling's skin better than this one.. 
Chicken Feet.. tasted just normal ..

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