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The Smoke BBQ, Newfarm, Brisbane

March 26, 2012

Came here after my birthday, to somewhat celebrate it in a way or so.. Located in New Farm is a smoking bbq restaurant, "The Smoke BBQ", previously know as "Blue Smoke BBQ".. I came late so as I came, the others had already started digging into their ordered dishes and they left the entree, the corn bread for me =)
The cornbread was served with butter .. the sweet corn bread had a texture of a denser sponge bread but it somehow had this spice that you could taste everytime you take a bit off it.. so it was an interesting starter indeed..

One of the guys ordered this "Pulled Pork Plate" which consisted of North Carolina Pulled Pork served with french fries and their coleslaw .. Their coleslaw wasn't like your typical coleslaw.. It was pretty good actually.. He ended up finishing the whole plate..
Another ordered their "Pork and Chicken platter" which had the Memphis Pork Belly with a side of Memphis sauce, North Carolina Pulled Pork and half Charcoal chicken with Vodka BBQ Sauce .. I didn't get to see it first hand when they took it out because I came late, so before they ate anymore, I quickly took a photo of it..
Seeing that I had no one to share the food ... I decided to get HALF of their Memphis Country Style Pork Belly... I like pork belly but just thought it would just be smoked pork belly or something.. However, this Memphis Country Style meant that the pork belly was rubbed with their special Memphis seasoning, slow hickery smoked and finished on the char grill and served dry with Memphis sauce on the side.. Their thick slices was good but they've dusted the pork belly with what I'm guessing is paprika which I think was abit too much.. and seeing that it was dry, it could have been better if the pork belly was softer I guess~
It was an interesting plate of pork belly indeed.. Though I wouldn't mind coming back and trying their other dishes... So if there is anyone looking for a smoked bbq meaty dish, why not pop around New Farm and try this place out?

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