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Menya Mappen Noodle Bar, Sunnybank, Brisbane

July 11, 2012

Back again to Menya Mappen in Sunnybank for lunch.. May be known as a 'fast food' joint as they do serve it pretty quickly and infront of you too.. with the choice of picking your own extra sides while you queue up to pay..
When you order, you would say what you want to whoever is at the front.. 
As you do tell him/her your orders, he would make it in front of you... putting the noodle, pouring the soup, cracking the half-boiled egg and so on.. Noodles are made when you order so you can tell that it is fresh and made when you order..
"Beef Udon"
with extra half-boiled egg..
The tempura shavings is self-served as you go to the counter..
"Spicy Pork Udon"

"Beef Udon"
Similar to the Beef Udon, but this time it was with rice..
"Beef Bowl"
Curry went well with the udon.. Curry had a mixture of vegetables and beef..
These are the extras that you can get by yourself while you're queueing to pay for your orders.. Self-service so basically, pick out what you want, get it, put it in your bowl or on an extra plate..
"Fried Sweet Potato"
3 pieces of Takoyaki is served on one stick..
"Fried Mushroom"
Overall, I do have to say that this place is a good place if you feel like eating Ramen or Udon or something soupy and Japanesey... and I am aware that sometimes the other Japanese restaurants or eateries that may sell Ramen, Udon etc may be full or maybe have long queues and you cannot be bothered waiting for it..
But this place, though maybe it might have a bit of a queue, but I assure you that the food is just a few minutes wait which makes it better and easier to satisfy that growling tummy of yours...

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