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Taste Gallery, Market Square, Sunnybank, Brisbane

July 09, 2012

Multi-Coloured Xiao Long Bao
'Taste Gallery' at Market Square in Sunnybank, I've always walked past it and looked through the glass where the chefs would be making dumplings etc, but never had the time or just maybe, no mood of trying it.. Though I have heard that they have multicoloured buns which maybe made many curious and want to try it.. I do remember the long queues and the crowd when it first opened..

Yum Cha Menu was given out to us, One menu to share between three.. I asked for another menu, and all the waiter said was a nod but never ended up giving us another menu, so we ended up just taking the menu for ourselves from the their front desk..
Order Sheet
Choose what you want to order, how many do you want, write it yourself with the given pen on the given menu paper order and then call one of the waiters to retrieve it..
Restaurant's interior
Multi-Coloured and multi-flavoured Xiao Long Bao
"Multi-Coloured Mini Pork Buns" (Xiao Long Bao) was Taste Gallery's novelty... It was cute that it was multi-coloured.. Each of the colours represented a different flavour.. Green: Spinach, Purple: Purple Cabbage, Yellow: Pumpkin, Orange: Carrot... Though it was interesting, the taste was not as wow as I expected it to be or from what I have heard.. But I can say that it was a good idea that they had colourful buns..
Marinated Pork Knuckle
I really wanted something "Porkish" and when I saw "Marinated Pork Knuckle", I didn't hesitate and ticked it on the order paper..
It was abit dry but overall, it was alright..
The texture of the pork was good and the sauce wasn't overpowering..
Taste Gallery Hokkien Noodle
"Taste Gallery Hokkien Noodle".. portion was smaller than expected, but taste was not too bad... But there are definitely better Hokkien noodle in other chinese restaurants..
Pan-Fried Pork Buns with Crab Meat
"Pan-Fried Pork Buns with Crab Meat".. The skin was not too thin nor was it too thick, the inside was alright as well, thought I couldn't really taste the crab meat..
Pan-Fried bun bottom
I liked the way that they've pan-fried it as you could see that the bottom part of the buns were darker in colour and it was crispy which was good..

However, overall, I wasn't really impressed and was somehow dissapointed.. With the waiters and the food.. and maybe I could give it another try and order other dishes as well and see how my next trip goes~

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