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Fasta Pasta, Aspley, Brisbane

July 04, 2012

Ravioli Florentina
Sadly, after exam period, it is usually a very good time for students to have fun, to go out, to hang out, to relax.. and to which, i did the opposite as I got sick and just basically stayed in bed nearly for the whole week since the start of holidays, practically when I finished my last exam.. And so, I stayed in bed, ate, drank lots of water, ate meds and yep, slowly got better.. and then, to somehow celebrate or maybe not even celebrate.. maybe it was just a random food outing after I got better, and it was to "Fasta Pasta".. It's been awhile since I  came here..

The Menu of Fasta Pasta.. I was expecting photos on the menu, but there weren't much, though if anyone is looking for the photos of the dishes they do offer, go online to their site and you can see yummy photos..
Ravioli Florentina
"Ravioli Florentina" .. Meat-filled pillows of pasta tossed with bacon, baby spinach and white wine in a napoli and cream based sauce.. 
Ravioli was normal but I liked the sauce ... Even though I was still abit sick and has not yet fully-recovered, I felt something wine-ish.. and saw that this had white wine =)
Self-Serve Cheese
Meat Italiano Pizza
"Pizza Meat Italiano" consists of beef, smoky pepperoni, bacon, onion and smoky BBQ sauce..
Crust was good and the toppings were decently portioned
Toppings were generous and the crust was really nice.. I thought the crust would just be crispy at the sides, but it was actually not.. It was actually chewy which I actually liked for a pizza base.. it wasn't crispy or dry.. and when bitten, the crust texture was good..
Definitely going to try their other pizzas next time.. im in love with their crust for that moment..
The Pizza and the Pasta.. with cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese on top :)
Chocolate Pudding
And for dessert, may I introduce "Chocolate Pudding"..
Close-up photo of the Chocolate Pudding
Served with Vanilla Ice Cream and Cream... The Chocolate Pudding was moist and was nice.. though it reminded me of a chocolate fondant just minus the melted chocolate oozing out of the chocolate pudding..
Chocolate Pudding, Vanilla Ice Cream and Whipped Cream
taking my time to take photos of the food made the ice cream to melt and maybe the cream too due to the heat and warmth of the chocolate pudding..

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