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Oishii Sushi Bar, Sunnybank Hills, Brisbane

September 30, 2012

variety of fusion(ed) sushis
I've been here a couple of times but never had the chance of reviewing it, so i'm doing it now.. Oishii Sushi Bar is located in a little shopping complex called Pinelands Centre... Its surroundings only has restaurants ranging from Oishii themself, a chinese restaurant next to them, a Korean BBQ restaurant upstairs and others.. It is not Japanese owned or operated Japanese restaurant, and I did end up knowing the owner and a chat with them everytime I do come by.. They're really nice owners and are very friendly.. But I do have to say, out of all the sushi restaurants I have eaten around, whether it's in southside or northside or in the city area, I would have to say that this might be the best sushi around in Brissy.. Their sushi may be fusion as I may call it as there are sushi that they do have that you wouldn't be able to find anywhere else or another word would be, unique or not typical..

Tempura Delight Sushi
and now, sushi time.. i do have to say, that it seems that from the very first time I came, it seems that there's already some favourites picked out when it comes to sushi which would be ordered every single time I come back.. The above sushi was the "Tempura Delight" sushi which was rolled tempura prawn sushi with cucumber garnished with black and white sesame seeds and showered with tobiko (fish roe), japanese mayonnaise and tempura on top..
I'm a big fan of anything with eel and so it seems the Black Dragon sushi has become one of my favourite sushis of all time anywhere.. "Black Dragon" had grilled eel, tamagoyaki (japanese-style-fried-egg) and cucumber all garnished with white sesame seeds and a drizzle of dark sweet soy sauce.. 
I really liked this sushi, not just because of the eel, but the mixture of the tamagoyaki and cucumber sushi filling doesn't overpower the freshness and goodness and that grilled taste of the eel..
Spider Roll
Next favourite of mine is the "Spider Roll" which is soft-shelled crab.. Battered soft shelled crab, cucumber, kani-tama (japanese-fish-cake-and-egg), salad and rolled with a layer of fish roe around it.. 
The soft-shelled crab was actually soft-shelled and the batter was good as well... I have tried some which is supposedly soft-shelled but they turned out to be hard and don't have those moist crunchy texture... While this one does, so this is another favourite of mine.. Definitely recommended for those crab fans out there...
Himawari Roll
The "Himawari Roll" is a fusion sushi and consists of deep fried chicken, avocado roll wrapped in omelette topped up with rice seasonings and seaweed.. 
Himawari Roll
Oishii Sushi Bar is definitely worth a try and once you do go there, you might end up coming back there over and over again when you feel the urge of eating sushi... If you don't know what to order, then simply order favourites of mine and i'm sure you won't disagree with my favourites ;)

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